The Block insider spills on wild drama set to unfold: 'Most intense season yet'

EXCLUSIVE: The season 19 cast are expected to butt heads like never before.

We’re only one week into this year’s season of The Block and the drama has already started brewing amongst the contestants.

Tensions were high between Kristy and Steph during Tuesday night’s episode as viewers were left to decide who was telling the truth in their dispute. However, an insider tells Yahoo Lifestyle that this is just a glimpse of what’s to come.

The Block's Steph and Gian and Kristy and Brett.
Tensions are already brewing between this year’s contestants on The Block. Photo: Channel Nine

According to an on-set source, this year’s edition of the renovation series is set to be “the most intense season yet”, with the Blockheads living in the closest proximity to each other in the show's history.

MAFS dinner parties look tame in comparison and we are delighted,” the insider shares.

“When you have people living on top of each other in a high-pressure situation like this, we just know how humans will behave and this series has really proved that for us.”


The source adds that “queen bee status” is at the centre of the drama this year, with the “hierarchy” between contestants changing more than once throughout the season.

“We purposefully found women all around the same age and made sure they were all highly competitive with an insatiable need to be liked. It was genius,” they continue.

While the majority of this year’s drama has surrounded Kristy, Steph and Leah so far, the insider teases that Leslie and sisters Eliza and Liberty will become involved by the time the houses are built.

The Block's Kyle and Leslie looking shocked.
This year’s season is rumoured to be ‘the most intense season yet’. Photo: Channel Nine

'We needed to change that this season'

It’s also believed that the reason why the houses are in such close proximity to one another this year is that the previous season didn’t provide as much drama as producers had hoped with contestants living so far away.

“Last year the houses were too far apart and we realised that the usual tension was missing,” the source says. “We immediately knew we needed to change that this season.”


This comes after host Scott Cam told Yahoo Lifestyle that season 19 will have a very different vibe from last year’s.

“It's a really good series,” he said. “We had a tough series last year, so it was nice to come back to something that was a bit fun and a bit more easygoing, I suppose.

“It's a bit more of a happy series, from my point of view anyway it has been. The contestants might not say the same, but from the crew’s point of view we enjoyed it,” he added with a laugh.

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