The Block viewers 'confused' over Kristy and Steph drama: 'Poor editing'

Tension is already brewing amongst the season 19 contestants.

The Block fans were left baffled during Tuesday night’s episode when drama seemingly emerged out of nowhere between contestants Kristy and Steph.

The incident began with Kristy telling viewers in her confessional that she was interested in buying the bed from Leslie and Kyle’s house, which was purchased by Steph and Gian for the children’s room challenge at the beginning of the season.

The Block's Kristy and Steph.
Drama emerged between Kristy and Steph during Tuesday night’s episode of The Block. Photos: Channel Nine

In order to pay Leslie “a fair amount” for the bedhead, Kristy reached out to Steph to see how much she had purchased it for and where from.

“I went to go ask Steph how much the bed and chair was, I believe it was, and Steph wouldn’t tell me where she got it from or how much it was, so I couldn’t negotiate with Leslie,” Kristy recalled in her piece-to-camera interview.


Kristy then relayed the drama to fellow contestant Leah, claiming that Steph had also told her, “You would never be able to get it because it was on sale”.

“Why is it a secret what she paid for it, I don’t even understand that?” Leah remarked. “I would tell anyone what I paid for something, it’s just a challenge room.”

“I would suggest that there are two different versions of Steph, one’s on camera and one’s off camera,” Kristy said in her confessional. “And it’s very different conversations that you’re having at both points.”

What really happened between Kristy and Steph?

However, after Kristy shared her side of the story, the reality show aired footage from earlier in the day of what appeared to be her conversation with Steph shot from a distance.

“That green bed in your challenge room, where did you get it from?” Kristy asked, to which Steph responded, “RJ Living”.

“RJ Living. And how much did you pay for it?” Kristy continued, with Steph replying, “I think it was about $700.”

“I was more than happy to tell her,” Steph said in her confessional. “If she wants it, that’s great. It’s a compliment.”

The Block's Kristy and Steph speaking on the worksite.
Footage from earlier in the day showed that Steph had actually told Kristy how much the bed was worth. Photo: Channel Nine

Viewers weigh in

While The Block has turned off comments on their social media posts documenting the drama, viewers took to Reddit following their episode to share their thoughts on what went down.

“I'm so confused, so Steph did tell Kristy? And Kristy just bold face lied when talking to Leah?” one person asked. “Or was that a second later on conversation where Steph told her? Either way the way they edited that was not clear and lame. Why wouldn't the producers want to jump to call out a contestant for lying?”

“Very poor editing. And disabling comments just makes it even poorer,” another added.


“Every episode is gearing up to edit Steph in a very bad way,” a third pointed out. “This situation should have highlighted that Steph is honest and cooperative, however, we are left feeling confused and still doubtful of Steph’s motives… I’m interested to see how the season plays out with Steph but it is not looking good for her!”

“All contestants are mic'd up from the second they wake up to falling asleep and have their own camera crew following them for a good 12 hours every day,” someone else chimed in. “The production team have so much material to choose from and probably decide very early who will be the ‘villain’ of the group.”

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