The Block's Scott Cam shocks with major rule changes: 'Lose your spot'

The host revealed a number of changes to the show this season.

The Block host Scott Cam shocked contestants on Monday night when he revealed there will be several changes to the show this year, which may make things easier or harder for the teams.

After the teams chose their houses, Scott revealed that they will receive the full $250,000 budget up-front, and they will need to choose how to budget throughout their time in the competition.

The Block's Scott Cam
The Block's Scott Cam has revealed two major rule changes to the new season of the show, leaving contestants shocked. Photo: Nine

The host also revealed he will be paying for the plumbers and electricians in the hopes it will stop teams' budgets from getting out of control.


"No more will contestants be blowing their budget with sparkies and plumbers hanging around, waiting for you guys to get ready," he told the contestants. "If you’re not ready for them, they’re just going to move next door and you’ll lose your spot. Nothing bugs me more than contestants wasting coin like that."

There is, however, one more thing Scott isn't a fan of, and that is cheating contestants, which is why he made another huge change – for the first time ever, contestants were given the full 12-week schedule in advance, so they know exactly what they will be working on and can plan accordingly.

Shocked Block contestants
The contestants were surprised to see the change in rules. Photo: Nine

Steph and Gian were excited by the news after finding out they got House 4, the house they always wanted, despite coming last in Sunday's challenge.

"I can't believe we have the schedule!" Steph told the cameras excitedly. "And you know that we love the schedule! So, there's another win! I don't understand where we've lost here tonight."

Kristy and Brett were also excited, with Brett telling the producers, "As soon as I saw it pop up, I thought, 'This is great, this is Kristy's world,' and a lot of people won't be able to handle having that, just all there at once."


"That's like my jam," Kristy, who works as a project manager, added. "This is like my domain, that's what I'm used to having, like, schedules and budgets and you divide it out and whatever be the case. I think that's going to be a really strong point for me. So that was so exciting."

Eliza and Liberty, however, found the changes to be "overwhelming".

Scott added that he made the changes because he thinks the competition is "massive" and he thought they'd likely be unable to complete it if he didn't give them these advantages.

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