The Block's Kyle and Leslie reveal hopes to return for season 20

EXCLUSIVE: The season 19 couple are ready for round two.

It’s only been two months since season nineteen of The Block came to an end, but Kyle and Leslie Cottone are already keen to return to the renovation reality show.

The fan-favourite couple, who walked away with $130,000 profit, told Yahoo Lifestyle that they would love to compete on the upcoming twentieth season in 2024.

The Block’s Kyle and Leslie.
The Block’s Kyle and Leslie are keen to return to the show in 2024. Photo: Channel Nine

“If they called us, there would be no hesitation,” Leslie shares. “Now we've done it, I feel like we'd go in with a bit more gameplay than what we did before.”

Kyle adds that it would be a “massive advantage” for a team to compete on back-to-back seasons, which is what happened on All Stars in 2013, Fans v Faves in 2014, and Triple Threat in 2015.

“Obviously they can change it up completely. We got schedules, budgets, everything up front, so obviously they can flip that and take it back to how they used to do it and then that would be a fully different experience for us,” he says.

“But you know the person that you need to be on-site and what relationships you need to have with the builders and trades and stuff like that, and you would approach it a bit differently. I would do it, even though it's Phillip Island and I haven’t heard amazing things about the weather at that time of the year.”


Yahoo Lifestyle exclusively revealed in November that a team from the recent season of The Block is expected to be amongst the yet-to-be-announced 2024 cast.

An insider told us: “There is still some chatter about bringing back some celebrated contestants for the 20th season but applications are still open for newbies. So the rumour is it will be half newbies and half returnees.”

The Block 2023 cast.
A team from the recent season of The Block is expected to be amongst the yet-to-be-announced 2024 cast. Photo: Channel Nine

Kyle and Leslie's advice for future contestants

After having quite a tumultuous experience on season nineteen, Leslie says that the biggest piece of advice she’d offer the 2024 cast would be to “trust the process”.

“It's really hard, even for someone like me,” she says. “I'm someone who builds rapport with people and I can do that quite quickly, but it takes time. And never did I feel like anyone was leading me anywhere.

“I’ve had friends and family go, ‘Did they produce you?’, and I say, not really, why would they need to? You've got five couples, 10 different dynamics of personalities, you all get the same money, you've all got the same timeframe, off you go. It’s like little rabbits in a pen, things will happen regardless so they don't need to say anything.”


Meanwhile, Kyle says that his main advice for future contestants is to “ask every and any question that you think of no matter how stupid it is”.

“Whether it’s Keith [Schleiger] and Dan [Reilly], the Nine in Six guys, the crew, producers - no one's there to try and steer you in any direction and make you fail,” he says.

“Everyone is honestly there to help you succeed and help you win each week and the more you think that everyone's against you, the more you're going to make your own experience worse.

“And don't let the little things bother you because there will be little issues that will arise every day and push you back time-wise, and if that's what you focus on, then you're just going to have a really s**t experience. Just enjoy it because it does go quickly and you might not be able to do it ever again.”

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