The Block producer tells all about post-show competition among the cast

The season 19 cast are reportedly scrambling for what to do next.

This year’s season of The Block may have wrapped up on TV, but the real competition between the cast members has only just begun.

A former producer tells Yahoo Lifestyle that as the contestants adjust to their new lives post-show, now is the time when fans will see which personalities attempt to make a career out of their 15 minutes of fame and who chooses to fade into obscurity.

The Block 2023 cast looking shocked at the auction.
The real competition between The Block contestants has only just begun. Photo: Channel Nine

“Some contestants who have won money will be readjusting their financial situation for the better, and others will be working out just how much money was lost during their time away from their real jobs,” they share.

“When you’ve had your whole lives splashed across the media for a few months it is very easy to get used to the routine of hair and makeup being looked after and your schedule full of social events. For most of the contestants, that quickly stops and their active brains fill with the burning question of what is next.”


The insider claims one of the first challenges for participants after The Block is to score an invite to the Melbourne Cup.

“Making connections with your buyer and promising lifelong friendships looks great on the ‘gram,” they remark.

A source close to the annual event confirms that Channel Nine “scrambled” to find Eliza and Liberty tickets at the last minute. Meanwhile, Steph and Gian received an invite thanks to their buyer Adrian Portelli - who also purchased Eliza and Liberty’s property.

The Block's Eliza and Liberty with Steph / Steph and Gian, Adrian Portelli and Eliza and Liberty.
Only two teams attended the Melbourne Cup this year. Photos: Instagram/stephjoottavio

The former producer went on to say that one of the most important steps to continuing a media career after The Block is to land another TV appearance.

“Getting your next TV gig shows TV producers you have more to your flex of getting on just one reality show,” they add.

The Hundred with Andy Lee is Channel Nine’s best opportunity to prove you have what it takes to get a manager - if you haven’t already. So Channel Nine’s internal talent manager is currently juggling 2023 villain Kristy and comedy queen Eliza, who both are obvious choices.”


It’s believed Eliza, Liberty and Leah have all signed with different management agents in the past few weeks, although time will tell how fruitful this will be.

“If you sign with the wrong agent who doesn’t understand your brand you might just be on their books for twelve months with very little to show for it,” the source continues.

Channel Nine is also believed to be in the early stages of casting contestants for next year’s milestone twentieth season, with one of this year’s teams expected to be in the cast.

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