The Block's controversial stars Leah and Kristy's shock move post-show

EXCLUSIVE: They may have got 'the vilian edit' on The Block but production companies are reportedly 'circling the girls'.

They were arguably two of the most controversial contestants to ever appear on The Block and now it’s been revealed that Leah Milton and Kristy Beames are potentially teaming up post-show.

While the relationship seemed to still be frosty between the former friends when the show wrapped at the end of last month, it appears they might have patched things up as sources claim they're looking into starting a podcast together.

The Block's Kristy and Leah
Kristy and Leah are reportedly teaming up post-show. Photo: Channel Nine

An Australian talent manager confirmed to Yahoo Lifestyle that two major podcast production companies have been “circling the girls” to get them signed up for a project together.

”With the success of reality TV contestants launching their own podcasts, it is only a matter of time before these two get snapped up,” the talent manager said.


Leah and Kristy began the show with a bang, becoming firm friends for weeks before eventually turning on each other. And while some viewers may have expected Channel Nine to give an update on the status of their friendship during the auction episode, they would have been sorely disappointed, as it wasn’t even mentioned.

"I think a lot of people want to know what has happened to the two since the show ended,” our source said.

"The story is quite relatable. We have all fallen out with a friend. Female friendships are powerful and when something goes down to derail a bond similar to Leah and Kristy’s, especially on television it becomes a compelling story.

"Getting raw unfiltered details without facing the producers’ edit is something that we are seeing more and more these days with independent podcasts, social media etc. If the girls can find the right organisation to partner with this would draw a lot of eyeballs and they should monetize the interest in their story."

The Block 2023 cast
Kristy and Leah came to loggerheads on the hit Channel 9 show. Photo: Channel 9
The Block's Kristy and Leah
It's believed they may have patched things up. Photo: Channel Nine

During the Open for Inspections episode in October, the season 19 cast reunited to allow members of the public to walk through their Charming Street properties.

Leah and Kristy were shown having plenty of laughs around the kitchen bench as they told producers they had buried the hatchet outside of filming.

“You know what is just so bizarre, Kristy and I never spoke since that kitchen chat,” Leah said. “And yet, [with] the perspective of life, all of it became petty nonsense, so swords are down.”

“You can’t pick your neighbours, right,” Kristy remarked.

The women also appeared to poke fun at their former rivalry, with Leah joking: “You stay on that side of the bench, I’ll stay on mine. Settle down, crusty.”

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