The Block: Leah and Ash's real estate agent shares major House 2 update

The couple have dropped their asking price and adopted a new selling campaign.

The real estate agent behind Leah and Ash’s property on The Block has revealed that they have taken on a new strategy to try and sell House 2.

The Queensland couple were the only team to walk away empty-handed after the show’s record-breaking auction last month, and the property has remained unsold with a noticeable lack of potential buyers six weeks on.

The Block’s Leah and Ash standing with Liberty and Eliza at the auction.
The Block’s Leah and Ash (left) have dropped the asking price for House 2 and adopted a new selling campaign. Photo: Channel Nine

Leah and Ash have since dropped the asking price from $3.2 million to $3.125 million, and agent Noel Susan from Buxton Hampton East has revealed that they’ve reverted to a “traditional” selling campaign in the hopes of turning a profit.

“We’ve just commenced doing open for inspections over the last two weeks, swung it into, I guess, a normalised campaign,” he told Domain this week.


“We’ve had two Saturdays and two mid-week opens. We haven’t been inundated with people – I thought once we opened it up we’d get a lot of fans and so forth … but we’ve had genuine people coming to have a look which has been good.

“Obviously just the timing and so forth it’s been a bit slower this time of the year, but it’s just converted to a traditional private sale campaign.”

Leah and Ash only received one bid of $2.9 million during the show's live auction, which was under their reserve of $2.97 million, and opted to pass in the hopes of selling at a later date for more money.

The Block’s Leah and Ash at their auction.
Leah and Ash passed their property in during last month's finale. Photo: Channel Nine

Leah and Ash share their goals for 2024

Leah and Ash confirmed during an Instagram Q&A this week that their house is still unsold, telling their followers that they had come “close” several times before things fell through.

The couple clearly aren’t giving up hope, however, as Leah said she is looking forward to what’s in store for 2024 when asked about her goals for the new year.

“Hopefully we make it to the timeline and finish [our] house, and then we just want to do what we love doing – design and build,” she said.


“So we'll get stuck into property development and I think it will be really exciting to take you guys along for that process as well. We'll continue doing client renovation work as well.

“Hopefully [it will be] a really big 2024. Probably won’t be as big as 2023, but I’m excited.”

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