The Block winners Mitch and Mark unleash on show’s judges: ‘Not good’

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Fresh after winning season 17 of The Block, Mitch Edwards and Mark McKie have spoken out about the show’s judges and why contestants shouldn’t always listen to them.

The Sydney couple joined Fitzy & Wippa on Monday morning to chat all about their time on the reality series and their winning profit of $644,444.44.

The Block's Mitch and Mark.
The Block winners Mitch and Mark have called out the show’s judges. Photo: Channel Nine

Heading into Sunday night’s finale, Mitch and Mark had won only two of the season’s room reveals and sat in the middle of the leaderboard below fan favourites Ronnie and Georgia and Kirsty and Jesse.

However, it’s clear after seeing the auction results of their house and Josh and Luke’s property - which had scored the season’s lowest points but came second in the auction - that the judges’ opinions don’t actually mean a thing when it comes to winning the show.

“The two houses, ours and the boys that came first and second, are not the houses the judges considered the best,” Mark detailed, adding that the panel should include a real estate expert.


“The judges are not good predictors of success on The Block. To next year's contestants, stick to your guns. You don’t need to listen to them.”

Mark went on to say that the most important part of the renovation process is having an overall plan, even if the judges can’t see it from the start.

“We had a plan from the beginning to the end and at the very end Shaynna said, ‘Oh I get it now, I have to eat my words’. And I was like, ‘Well get a big shovel doll because there’s a lot of them!’,” he joked.

The Block judges.
Mitch and Mark said that the judges ‘are not good predictors of success on The Block’. Photo: Instagram/shaynnablaze

The duo also spoke about their good friends and fellow contestants Ronnie and Georgia, who went first in the auction and ended up finishing in last place.

“I think they were shocked because they’ve got a really strong winner attitude and they thought they were going to win. We all thought they were going to win,” Mitch admitted.

Mitch and Mark’s comments come shortly after Ronnie and Georgia shared a lengthy post on social media following Sunday night’s episode to reflect on their experience.

The married couple also took a parting shot at this year’s cheating contestants, after it was finally revealed that Tanya was the one to take the photo of the production schedule.

“Our Block journey might not have ended the way we planned but it’s still such a fabulous financial outcome for our family,” they wrote.

The Block's Ronnie and Georgia.
Ronnie and Georgia took a parting shot at the show’s cheaters on social media. Photo: Instagram/ronnieandgeorgia

"We hold our heads high knowing we left nothing in the tank, did the best we could whilst playing an honest and fair game. Being on the smallest parcel of land and positioned on a corner were factors out of our control.”

Several fans took to the comments to praise the pair and said that they should be proud of their hard work despite coming last.

“You guys were the best to watch and played and worked with integrity. You’re winners in life!” one follower wrote, while another said, “Money can’t buy dignity!”

“Don’t ever change, you may not have won but you were fair and honest,” someone else remarked.

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