The Block's Ronnie and Georgia reveal they showed producers the photo in Week 1

They were the whistleblowers who first revealed the 'biggest cheating scandal' in The Block's history, and now Ronnie and Georgia have confirmed they had in fact seen the infamous leaked photo of the production schedule back in Week 1.

Taking to Instagram after the explosive body corporate meeting aired on Wednesday night's episode, following Tanya's revelation she was the first one to have the photo, which she says had come from an anonymous tradie, Ronnie and Georgia shared a statement saying they had seen the photo for "about 3 seconds" and showed it to producers "5 minutes later".

The Block couple Ronnie and Georgia
The Block couple Ronnie and Georgia blew the whistle on the cheating scandal. Photo: Instagram/ronnieandgeorgia

"To clarify - yes, we saw the photo of the production board in Week One for about 3 seconds & informed producers what had just happened literally 5 minutes later," the statement on their Instagram stories read.

They said they didn't want to call out the controversy on camera because they "wanted to avoid the drama this season".


"Cut to 3 weeks later, we're highly irritated with the Master Bedroom scores, knowing that teams were effectively cheating and winning - that's when the Rondog volcano erupted."

They finished saying they didn't want to be "right in the thick of all the drama".

ronnie and georgia on the block cheating scandal
They shared a statement on Instagram Photo: Instagram/ronnieandgeorgia
ronnie and georgia on the block master bedroom
Ronnie and Georgia were angry they didn't win Master Bedroom week. Photo: Instagram/ronnieandgeorgia

Fans of the show were quick to react to Ronnie and Georgia's revelation on social media, questioning why the photo continued to go unmentioned for another few weeks after it was discovered.

"So the producers knew but waited for drama. Why am I not surprised," one person said on Twitter.

"Question is, if Ronnie didn't lose his cool, then how long were the producers prepared to wait while 2 houses gained considerable advantage?" another asked.

Yahoo Lifestyle has contacted Channel 9 for comment.

After everything came out, Tanya Guccione came forward and asked to do a sit-down interview with the show’s producers to tell her “truth”, sharing how she was sent the photo, before she shared it with one of the twins, Luke.

However, as viewers then saw a hidden camera filmed with her partner Vito from the site’s break room ‘preparing their story’ prior to the interview.

The show's host Scott Came also fired up over the cheating scandal this week, calling the entire saga “un-Australian” during a chat with Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa.

Responding to Luke and Josh’s accusation that he had favourites on the show, and that others knew about the photo: "Those boys are absolutely kidding themselves. I’m scrambling to save this series, that’s what I’m doing because people at home will be going this whole thing is not fair, this whole thing is a joke," he said.

He also stood up for Ronnie and Georgia, calling them “straight shooters”.

Scott Cam twins Luke and Josh, and Ronnie and Georgia in his office
Scott Cam called the twins Luke and Josh, and Ronnie and Georgia into his office. Photo: Channel Nine

Everything came to a head this week, when Scott Cam called the twins Luke and Josh, and Ronnie and Georgia into his office to show them how they have scrapped the entire production schedule from the whiteboard, thus rendering the photo useless.

And since things have come out on the show, Tanya has claimed there was more to the drama than viewers were made aware of and that she felt 'set up'.

“Obviously the photo did end up in my possession, but [the schedule] was actually in a really obvious spot,” she told this week.

“Most of us came by it because it was right by the toilet, it was right there on a massive board. It was right there in front of us, so I felt very singled out, like I was the only one who saw it but plenty of others used the toilet that day.”

“It felt almost like it could have been set up."

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