The Block fans left fuming as twins 'cheat' again: 'Keeps happening'

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They may not have taken out the win for Kitchen Week, but after receiving some glowing feedback from the judges viewers of The Block have again called out twins Luke and Josh Packham for cheating.

The former Love Island stars came in third place with their kitchen design behind Ronnie and Georgia and winners Kirsty and Jesse, but fans and fellow contestants Mitch and Mark couldn't help but point out the twins had again 'had help' with their styling.

Luke and Josh on The Block
Luke and Josh didn't win Kitchen week on The Block. Photo: Channel 9

During the judges visit to Luke and Josh's kitchen, judge Darren Palmer thought the boys had ramped up their styling.

"I think the boys actually took some notes about putting appropriate styling in the spaces, and things you actually… Like I love that little cloche and the tart inside. I think it's very minimal. They've got little punches of yellow," he said.


"It feels sleek and it feels modern. What I also love about it is it's a very blank canvas for you to stamp your own personality on. I mean whether they realised they were doing that, I don't know. By default that's exactly what they've given us," Neale added.

the block luke and josh kitchen
The twins came third with their kitchen design. Photo: Channel 9

Fans had already called for the boys to be 'kicked off the show' multiple times, for their involvement in the cheating scandal surrounding the leaked photo of the production schedule.

And they had already been been called out in week one for having their tradies help paint their room, were then busted spending a night at a hotel instead of in tents onsite, and had already once before had help styling their winning Master Bedroom and wardrobe from Luke's fiancée.

Now it seems viewers have had enough, taking to Twitter on Sunday night to say they were 'sick' of the twins bending the rules.

"Surprise surprise. The boys are breaking the rules again. Then again, why wouldn’t they They’ve continually gotten away with cheating," one person wrote.

"Getting sick of people breaking rules and no consequences," another said.

"TheBlock the twins better get some penalties after getting the fiancée to style AGAIN!" was another angry comment.

the block kitchen reveals
Fans called out the twins for having help with styling again. Photo: Channel 9

"See the Fiancée is back yet again. I swear if the twins 'win' due to more illegal help from the fiancé I will loose it!! This isn’t right that this keeps happening," one person wrote.

While another asked: "How does production just let the twins get away with cheating by letting the Fiancee do the styling??"

Contestants Mitch and Mark also blew up at the end of the episode, dramatically storming out of the judging after they placed last for their kitchen.

The judges couldn't see past the fact they hadn't included a dedicated pantry, but after hearing the feedback they were quick to hit back, with Mark saying: "Their comments are pretty stupid. I have no respect for the judges, so I wouldn’t let someone hurt me who I have no respect for."

the block mitch and mark storm out
Mitch and Mark also stormed out at the end of judging. Photos: Channel 9

Kirsty and Jesse won after scoring 29.5 points, which included a 10 from Shaynna and another from Neale.

As Scotty turned to congratulate the contestants Mitch and Mark turned their backs on him mid-sentence and left the studio.

"I was going to say good night and good luck boys, but you’re already gone," he called after them.

In a piece to camera afterwards. Mark added: "I don’t have a lot of need for the judges’ opinion anymore. Their feedback is irrelevant to us. Their opinion is irrelevant to us."

"I’m supposed to listen to them? Go f**k yourselves," Mitch said. "This is absolutely a farce. Out. See ya."

The Block continues tonight, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 7.30pm on Channel Nine.

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