The Block's Josh and Luke hit back amid 'biggest cheating scandal'

It's been touted as the biggest TV scandal ever in a sizzling promo for this week's episodes and The Block's Luke and Josh Packham have finally addressed rumours that they're at the center of it.

On Monday morning, the twins, who previously starred on Love Island, hit back at accusations of cheating by fellow contestants Ronnie and Georgia in a chat with HIT Queensland’s Breakfast with Cliffo & Gabi.

The Block's Luke and Josh Packham wearing hi-vis workwear on set
The Block's Luke and Josh Packham have responded to fiery cheating accusations from their co-stars. Photo: Channel Nine.

'Helps to cheat'

During their conversation, Cliffo and Gabi had Luke and Josh listen back to a clip of their co-star Ronnie's fiery claims about them.

"I guess it helps to cheat," Ronnie is heard saying. "It's amazing that they know the full schedule of what rooms are coming up, when the challenges are coming up."

Ronnie attested that the twins had known this information, which is typically kept secret from the contestants by producers, "from day one".

"I just find it very interesting the timing that Ronnie's decided to come forward with that," was the Packham's cryptic response.

"It seemed like he's a bit sour."


The Block's Ronnie and Georgia
Ronnie and Georgia accused co-stars Luke and Josh Packham of cheating. Photo: Channel Nine.

The pair admitted that they "probably are involved in something" with regards to the unfolding scandal but appeared to suggest that certain co-stars might be implicated as well.

"People in glass houses shouldn’t be throwing stones," they said.

As for what the scandal entails, viewers were given a hint in the promo clip which saw host Scotty Cam reveal someone had taken a photo of the show's production schedule whiteboard and shared it among the other contestants.

'Massive upset'

Luke and Josh were riding high from their master bedroom win in Sunday night's episode, despite having been described as the most inexperienced Blockheads in the history of the program.

"That means no one is looking at us so to come away with a win was a massive upset and we're hoping to cause a few more," the boys told Cliffo and Gabi.

"We have absolutely no experience and half the time we don't know what we're doing, we're just having a guess."

Their inexperience saw them flounder the previous week when they copped brutal feedback from the judges for their 'atrocious' bathroom renovation.

The Block judges
The Block judges had a lot of feedback for the twins, with none of them liking the bathroom. Photo: Nine

Josh and Luke's 'outdated' design failed to impress and they scored just 20.5 points for their $25,356 bathroom putting them in last position for the week.

Darren Palmer described the room as having a "masculine, moody" style, but added the Venetian plastering was a "waste of money" and a "weird choice".

"It just feels to me incredibly dated," Neale Whitaker said. "I never wanna see this grey, grey, grey palette again in a bathroom."

"Take it on the chin, your styling’s atrocious," Shaynna Blaze added, pointing out the fact the boys had left a block of cheese, some chocolates and an upside-down book on the timber bath caddy.

"We disagree, we think it’s ultra-modern and everyone that’s seen the bathroom, all of our tradies have liked it," Josh said of the feedback.

"They're wrong," Luke joked, saying it was their turn to cop the bad feedback.

The Block's Luke and Josh
The Block's Luke and Josh copped brutal feedback from the judges over their 'atrocious' bathroom styling and outdated design. Photo: Nine

Additional reporting by Marni Dixit.

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