The Block's Luke and Josh slam producers: 'So inaccurate'

The Block's Luke and Josh Packham have slammed the show, saying parts of Sunday night's episode were "totally inaccurate".

During the episode, the boys appeared to disappear off-site for a night of drinking and stayed in a hotel.

The Block's Luke and Josh Packham
The Block's Luke and Josh Packham have slammed producers, claiming Sunday night's episode was "so inaccurate". Photo: Nine

The boys were nowhere to be found after leaving the show's set on a Friday night, returning around 10am the next day with both men registering over 0.00 on a breathalyser test.


Some of the other contestants were worried about the boys after they couldn't find them in the morning, with some believing they had pulled an all-nighter and avoided the site while they were sill intoxicated.

The boys told the cameras after being given the all-clear later in the day: "We are who we are... We bend rules. We don't try to break them straight away."

"We're just doing us," they added.

The Block's Josh using a breathalyser
The boys were forced to use a breathalyser before they could get back to work. Photo: Nine
The Block rules
The boys ignored the rules that state they must sleep onsite, choosing to stay in a hotel the night they went out for a few drinks. Photo: Nine

Things got worse for the boys soon after, with Luke having to go to hospital with food poisoning, leaving the other contestants assuming it was down to an "all-nighter".

Luke spoke to, claiming the producers stitched him and Josh up.

"That breathalyser, we blew in it about 10 times, it was just a cheap deal and it never actually showed a proper reading. Sometimes it would show zero, sometimes it would show another number, it was so inaccurate," he said.

"One of the producers ended up saying to Keith and Dan ‘Oh, it’s not working, so just tell the boys to sit out for a couple of hours because they’ve blown over’ which never happened."

However, Channel 9 has also hit back at their claims the show didn't show an entirely accurate depiction of the events.

Julian Cress, executive producer and co-creator of the show, hit back at the boys telling Yahoo Lifestyle, "For a start, we never fake anything on The Block. We don’t need to when we’ve got contestants like Josh and Luke wandering around.

"Crazy stuff just seems to happen with those two. But for clarity, we’re TV producers, not mechanical engineers, so faking a breathalyser is way beyond our skillset. But if someone can show us how…"

Viewers slam the twins

Block fan tweet
Photo: Twitter
Tweet about The Block
Photo: Twitter

Viewers slammed the twins for breaking yet another rule as many knew contestants have to sleep on site. It comes after they had a tradie helping them with painting a room, with Block rules clearly stipulating contestants must do all the painting.

Despite breaking two huge rules, the boys didn't receive any penalties, instead finishing the week in second place and just receiving a bit of scolding from host Scott Cam.

"So hang on.. you can break 2 rules in one week, yet no punishment/repercussions? Right..." one viewer Tweeted.

"The twins should be docked points else why have rules?" another said.

"Surely the boys could take a bit more responsibility for breaking the rules instead of just ‘oh oops, well it’s just us doing us’," a third added.

Yahoo Lifestyle has reached out to Channel Nine for comment.

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