The Block fans fume as Love Island twins break ‘number one’ rule

The Block: Fans vs Faves kicked off on Sunday night and it's proving to be as dramatic as ever with Love Island Australia stars and twin brothers Josh and Luke Packham ruffling a few feathers straight away.

The teams were given the task of designing a bedroom in two days with a budget of $5000 with the winner given the advantage of having first choice of property.

Josh and Luke Packham and their tradie on The Block
Fans of The Block have slammed Love Island twins Josh and Luke Packham for breaking the show's 'number one rule'. Photo: Nine

The boys were left unimpressed after country singer Kirsty pointed out the fact they'd broken The Block's "number one rule" during the first challenge by having their tradies paint their bedroom.

Scott Cam pointed out in the episode that the number one rule in the "Block Bible" is that contestants must do their own painting.


"Unfortunately I’ve got to be the bearer of bad news … You know the rules are only contestants can paint," Kirsty told them when she saw their tradies.

"Who told you that?" Luke asked.

"That's like the number one rule on the show," she said.

The Block's Kirsty
Kirsty pointed out the fact they'd broken The Block's "number one rule" during the first challenge by having their tradies paint their bedroom. Photo: Nine
The Block bible rules
It's the number one rule in The Block bible. Photo: Nine

"It’s not something that Luke and I would normally do, go and pull someone up if they’re doing the wrong thing," Josh later told producers.

"We don't do the dibber-dobber thing," Luke added.

Kirsty on the other hand told producers she was trying to make things "fair".

"I don’t want to be the bad guy or anything, but everyone’s got to stick to the rules I guess and make it a fair, even playing field," she said.

"I guess Keith and Dan would come along and tell you that if they were here," Kirsty told the twins.

"Well they’re not here, maybe you should go and get your trades to help you paint while they’re not here," Luke said.

"There’s dibber dobbers and there’s others who look the other way," he told the cameras. "But obviously they’re competitive and they want to win. That’s the way she wants to play it, we’ll remember it and that’s fine."

Luke and Josh on The Block
The boys called Kirsty a "dibber dobber" for telling them the rules. Photo: Nine

"Goody two shoes," he was heard mumbling while painting.

Fans were unimpressed by the situation with one user writing, "Straight away the twins try to make it about the dibber dobber female instead of them breaking the rules."

"So the twins obviously haven't watched the show before..." another added.

"The twins - tell me you’ve never seen an episode of The Block without telling me you’ve never seen an episode of The Block," a third joked.

"The boys are already breaking rules and think they shouldn't be called out on it? They're basically every entitled teenage jock I went to high school with," someone else wrote.

Tweet about The Block
Photo: Nine
Tweet about The Block
Photo: Twitter

However, things later took a turn when it was revealed Kirsty and husband Jesse had used one of the twins' tradies.

"It became a little hypocritical because then obviously I’d already paid my plasterer to hang around and they’ve got him working in their room on my budget," Luke said.

"You can’t be using other people’s tradies without asking, there’s gotta be something in the rule book for that," Josh added.

However, Kirsty hit back saying they weren't breaking any rules.

"I guess Luke got a little shirty when I told him his trades weren’t allowed to paint so we was obviously on the prowl," she said. "The difference was we weren’t breaking any rules."

Kirsty and Jesse wowed the judges with their coastal-styled bedroom, winning the first challenge.

The twins came in second, with Melbourne couple Tanya and Vito coming in third.

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