The Block: Fans spot awkward detail in Scott Cam's Open for Inspections snap

Fans held up signs in support of their favourite Blockheads as the public got to tour all the houses.

After a three-year hiatus, The Block Open for Inspections day was back yesterday and fans have noticed one very odd detail from a snap posted online.

Open for Inspections gives members of the public and The Block fans the opportunity to walk through and critique their favourite Block homes for themselves.

Located on Charming Street in Hampton East Victoria, all ten of the contestants were on-hand to welcome the public into their homes, along with Scott Cam, Shelley Craft and Keith and Dan.

Open For Inspections on The Block
Fans noticed there didn't appear to be any signs for Kristy and Brett in Scott Cam's photo. Photo: Instagram/Scott Cam

While many fans cheered and held up signs in support of their favourite Blockheads, a photo of the whole cast posted to Scott Cam’s Instagram page has started a divisive chat, after fans noticed there were no signs for House 3’s Kristy and Brett.


“I don't see 1 Kristy and Brett support poster in sight,” one person pointed out.

“Not one Kristy and Brett poster,” another person said, with another commenting: “There is not one Kristy and Brett sign”.

One person simply commented: “The optics”.

However, a viewer who actually attended yesterday’s Open for Inspections said they were holding one up but it was being blocked by the woman in front of them.

When asked in the comments why they decided to support Kristy and Brett despite their controversial moments on the series, the viewer said: “Because I realise it’s a tv show and can be edited to be however they want it to be. They seemed like decent people with every interaction that had today. I don’t have a dog in the fight, just wanted them to have some fans in the crowd.”

Kristy and Brett cause mayhem on The Block 2023

Indeed, Kristy and Brett haven’t shied away from the controversy, previously saying 'ruffling feathers' was all part of their game plan.

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Kristy and Brett on The Block 2023
Kristy and Brett have been one of the most controversial couples to ever appear on the show. Photo: Channel 9

In an interview with Today Extra, Kristy and Brett claimed that they went on to the Channel Nine show with the intention of causing some conflict.

“Yeah, look, well, we did go in with the intention to ruffle feathers. stir the pot and mind games are going to potentially come with that because it allows us to have them thinking about other things other than their room,” Brett said.

“So that was our intended gameplay. So everyone did know that. I felt a little bit guilty because everyone was so nice that I was like, 'Hey, heads up. I've been talking a lot of crap on you'.”

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