Hamish and Andy 'disgusted' by The Block and 'step in' to protect Eliza

EXCLUSIVE: The radio duo are said to have complained to Nine about the reality show.

Over the last two weeks, The Block fans have been making their opinions loud and clear online that the ongoing behaviour of some of this year’s contestants has turned them off the renovation reality show.

Not only has social media been ablaze with negative comments, but the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has received numerous complaints about the new season over claims it promotes “anti-social behaviour”.

 Hamish Blake and Andy Lee at a Nine event.
Radio duo Hamish Blake and Andy Lee are said to be 'disgusted' about what’s being aired on The Block. Photo: Channel Nine

It now appears that Channel Nine talent are also angry with the network, with beloved media personalities Hamish Blake and Andy Lee said to be “disgusted” about what’s being put to air.

An insider tells Yahoo Lifestyle that contestant Eliza Paschke, who has worked as an assistant for the radio duo over the past 10 years, was overheard at an industry event last week saying that Hamish and Andy are “concerned the show has lost its way” as “they don't condone bullying or promoting bad behaviour”.


“Hamish and Andy were happy to give their blessing to see Eliza take part in The Block, but they made it pretty clear they would not get involved with the show or the show's storylines,” the source claims.

“Yet it would seem they feel enough is enough, with Eliza telling the cast and crew that their famous friends have stepped in. Their claim is that Hamish and Andy have switched off the show and have made complaints to senior executives.”

The Block's Eliza and Liberty Paschke looking shocked.
Eliza Paschke (left) has worked as Hamish and Andy’s assistant for the past 10 years. Photo: Channel Nine

The insider also claims that Eliza’s sister Liberty was overheard telling her to keep Hamish and Andy’s names out of the equation and “stormed off” while the conversations continued about the comedians’ decision to stop watching.

“The boys would have access to Nine Network executives and it wouldn't be too hard to make their opinions heard,” the source continues. “Whether the network would actually take action is not really known.”

Hamish is set to return for the sixth season of LEGO Masters in 2024, while Andy will soon start filming season six of The Hundred with Andy Lee.

Although they have never made any complaints before, the pair are apparently “stepping in to protect their former employee”.


The comments come shortly after it was revealed that Eliza actually used to live with Andy and his girlfriend Rebecca Harding last year.

So Dramatic! discovered the surprising information after they were sent an episode of the Hamish & Andy podcast from July last year where Rebecca mentioned Eliza was a housemate.

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