The Block's Gian speaks out after receiving devastating news during filming

'It’ll take time to sink in as to what has really happened.'

Less than a week after his wife Steph found out her grandfather had died, Gian received a call from his mum during Monday night’s episode of The Block letting him know that his grandfather had also sadly passed away.

The 27-year-old was working on House 4’s backyard landscaping by himself when he was told the devastating news as Steph was attending her grandfather’s funeral.

The Block’s Steph and Gian holding hands / Steph and Gian hugging.
The Block’s Gian found out his grandfather had passed away during Monday night’s episode. Photos: Channel Nine

“My grandfather last week had a stroke and yeah, he was kind of just in emergency since then,” he explained in his piece-to-camera interview.

“The timing is just crazy,” Steph added. “Like, I literally left my grandfather’s funeral, about to get back to Gian, and then find out that his grandfather’s passed.”


Gian admitted he was finding the news “super hard” to comprehend and “quite overwhelming”, especially because it happened while the show was filming.

“I don’t think you really have time to digest it properly, I think you just kind of go numb because you have so much going on out here,” he shared.

“It’ll take time to sink in as to what has really happened.”

The Block’s Gian and Steph kissing his grandfather's cheeks at their wedding.
Gian shared a sweet tribute to his grandfather, Giuseppe Andreacchio, on social media. Photo: Instagram/stephandgian

Gian's tribute to his grandfather

Gian took to social media following the episode to share a black and white photo of himself and Steph kissing his grandfather’s cheeks at what appears to be their wedding.

“Timing is something that can’t be controlled ❤️,” he wrote alongside the snap.

“Nonno loved nothing more than his garden so we will be dedicating this week’s backyard to him. Let’s do him proud 🕊️

“Giuseppe Andreacchio 🙏🏼”

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Viewers also shared their condolences online, with one person writing: “I've got so much love sending to them from afar cos I can't believe the timing.”

“Steph and Gian just can’t catch a break,” another added, while a third shared, “What a depressing coincidence. Rest in peace”.

“I think Steph and Gian’s nonnos will be looking after them from heaven. They’re probably going to win The Block,” someone else replied.

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