The Block 2023 cast go head to head as they sign talent management deals

EXCLUSIVE: An insider reveals what the future looks like for the season 19 stars.

Less than a month after this year’s season of The Block came to an end, the cast have officially launched their post-show media careers.

Several contestants have now signed talent management deals, although only time will tell who becomes the next reality TV success story.

The Block 2023 cast.
The Block 2023 cast have signed talent management deals. Photo: Channel Nine

Yahoo Lifestyle understands Channel Nine’s Head of Media Talent has been advising the cast members on what’s next now that their agreements with the network are coming to an end, which is standard for reality TV participants.

An industry source tells us: “Some contestants will be happy with their time on a reality show and pick up a few Instagram deals, but that isn't what is happening this year. Especially for the ambitious ladies from each house who all want to expand on their media profiles post-The Block.”


Who's signed with who?

The Ministry of Talent, which is headed up by Roxy Jacenko, are currently representing House 2’s Leah and Ash. While little has been seen from the couple so far, it’s believed their main focus is on selling their house.

“Roxy was once famously known for her title as the ‘PR Queen of Sydney’, and Leah and Ash’s affiliation with this agency shows a pretty good flex amongst the cluttered world of management for new celebrities,” an anonymous celebrity manager tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

“The Ministry of Talent would be sourcing brand deals and some influencing but probably not trying to get her on celebrity reality shows.”

The Block's Leah and Ash.
Leah and Ash are believed to be focusing on the sale of their house. Photo: Channel Nine

It's unknown which talent agency winners Steph and Gian have signed with, but it's clear the couple have strong ambitions after they announced that they are launching a homewares brand called Japandi Estate.

“The victorious couple from House 4 picked up a lot of media attention this week with a soft-core porn photoshoot with Adrian Portelli,” our insider remarks. “The photos felt more like a step in the direction of OnlyFans rather than what viewers were expecting from Steph.

“There is huge potential for the couple but they will need to work out who they want to be and not say yes to everything.”

2023 ‘villain’ Kristy is reportedly working with a senior talent manager who is in the process of mapping out where to take her story.

“You'd be surprised at how many reality shows need a good TV villain. Maybe not a villain, but someone who speaks their mind,” a source tells us.

“The opportunities for Kristy and Brett have been quite different from the rest of the 2023 cast and it will be interesting to see if Kristy can migrate to radio or more TV work. TV executives have certainly been throwing her name around these last few weeks.”

The Block's Kristy and Brett.
This year’s ‘villain’ Kristy is tipped to return to reality TV soon. Photo: Channel Nine

Eliza and Liberty are yet to sign a management deal, although it’s expected they will soon be managed by major talent agency Profile Talent, who represent Sonia Kruger, Sam Mac and Melissa Leong.

The company have also represented Hamish Blake and Andy Lee for the past decade, so it’s assumed the sisters will join the agency because of their close relationship with the duo.

“The couple did offer comedic relief throughout the series but we will have to wait and see if they can make a name for themselves away from the show,” our insider says.

Meanwhile, Leslie and Kyle have inked a deal with InStyle Media, a talent brands partnership agency that works heavily with influencers.

"Leslie has been talking to friends about getting into presenting and would ideally like to be on Getaway or a show like Postcards,” a source close to the couple tells us. “There is no doubt House 1 is just as ambitious as the others and sometimes staying in your lane can be what resonates with audiences.”

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