The Block: Adrian Portelli's bizarre naked photoshoot with Steph and Gian

"This is what happens when we let Adrian off his leash!"

The Block's new favourite billionaire buyer, Adrian Portelli, surprised his followers on Monday after sharing a wild naked photoshoot with this year's winners, Steph and Gian, in the house he bought off them for $5 million.

In several of the photos, Adrian is seen nude or in various states of undress, with Gian featuring heavily in the shoot as well, with the two men seen laying in bed together at one stage.

The Block buyer Adrian Portelli poses naked with Steph and Gian
The Block buyer Adrian Portelli has shared a nude photoshoot along with this year's winners Steph and Gian to promote a competition. Photo: Instagram/adrian_portelli

The wildest of them all sees Adrian lying on the kitchen counter nude, with only a plate of sushi covering his privates, with Gian pretending to eat the food, while Steph runs in with some spray and wipe.


The two men are also seen together in the bath and sauna as Steph, who appears shocked by the positions they've found themselves in, looks on.

One snap also sees Adrian poking fun at his recent scandals, as he's seen wearing a balaclava and stealing the wine from the wine fridge. It comes after Kevin and Andrea Griffin won one of the houses Adrian bought off the show last year and complained that several items were removed from the property before they moved in, including around $50,000 worth of wine.

Adrian Portelli in bed with Gian
Another shot sees Adrian cuddling up to Gian, while Steph attempts to keep them apart. Photo: Instagram/adrian_portelli
Gian in the bath with Adrian Portelli
Steph appears shocked in all the images. Photo: Instagram/adrian_portelli

Another photo shows the trio watching TV, with Kevin seen on the screen in his tour of the house, showing all the items that had been removed.

See the whole photoshoot here.

The caption for the video read: "This is what happens when we let Adrian off his leash! 😧 Who’s ready to win house number 4 from The Block?

"You’re in luck because the gates are opening this week."

Gian jokingly commented on the post, "Omg, there was a camera?!"

"Looks like an OnlyFans scene Block-style," one user joked.

"Steph’s facial expressions are simply GOLD!" another wrote.

"Just good wholesome marketing," a third said, while someone else jokingly added, "I cannot unsee."

Who is Adrian Portelli?

The Block's Steph and Gian with Adrian Portelli
Adrian bought Steph and Gian's house for $5 million. Photo: Nine

At just 34 years old, hailing from Melbourne, Adrian became a force to be reckoned with during last year's Block finale when he made a grand entrance in a bright yellow Lamborghini (earning him the name "Mr Lambo") and placing a staggering $5.5 million bid on the winning house.

This year, Adrian purchased three of the houses on The Block, surprising fans when he even began bidding against himself at one point.

Adrian isn't your typical Block buyer. He's a flamboyant billionaire, celebrated for his attention-seeking stunts and passion for sports cars. He's even earned a spot on AFR's Young Rich List of Australia's 100 wealthiest people under 40.

Adrian is the founder of LMCT, a promotional platform focusing on luxury vehicles and prestige homes. It's through LMCT and other entrepreneurial endeavours, as well as strategic property investments, that he has built his wealth.


The billionaire started LMCT in 2018 with the vision of "giving everyday Australians a chance to save thousands from our network and help change some lives along the way".

Now, you might be curious about how a business like LMCT makes money. The system is quite straightforward; subscribers willingly pay $20, $50 or $100 per month to participate in giveaway opportunities, including lavish homes and luxury cars. As mentioned, Adrian even gave away one of The Block properties he acquired last year through LMCT.

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