The best way to eat Milo and ice cream is dividing the internet

Milo ice cream soup or Milo tiramisu?

There are many iconic Aussie duos: Kath & Kim, The Veronicas, Osher Günsberg and his hair, Vegemite and toast, a meat pie and tomato sauce, Milo and ice cream... but it's that last one that's dividing Australians on the internet.

Milo and ice cream is indisputably a 10/10 dessert and should really be served more on MasterChef: but it's the method for how to eat it that has people arguing amongst themselves on a Reddit thread.

When one user created a thread about his love for Milo, he wrote a comment that left many other Aussies debating the best way to consume the malty treat.

"Vanilla ice cream suffocating on Milo is god-tier dessert. Better than a pav. I will throw hands," he said.

A lot of Milo sprinkled on top of vanilla ice cream.
A Reddit user caused debate over the best way to consume Milo and ice cream. Photo:

However, his Milo creation caused some debate on the thread about the best way to eat Milo and ice cream.

"It's not God-tier until you slightly melt it, mix it around into an ice cream/milo paste and then eat it," one user said. "Add some Ice Magic if you want to get really fancy," another user said.


The most inventive ways to eat Milo

Milo and milk in a mug.
A Reddit user's "correct milk to Milo" ratio. Photo:

The Reddit thread even brought forward a new concoction: the Tiramilo, after one person suggested layering the Milo and ice cream.

"Eat the top layer of Milo and ice cream, then add another round of Milo. Repeat," one person said.

"I had a very specific and scientific process from about the age of four. A bowl of several scoops of ice cream and as much Milo as possible. Cut it all up with the side of my spoon. First one way, then the other. Then start smooshing it down with the back of the spoon. Then layer in some more Milo. Then smoosh more until I could start stirring it into an ice cream and Milo slurry. It would become something like the best chocolate thick shake you could imagine," another passionate Milo fan commented.


But the ideas didn't just stop at desserts.

"I add two teaspoons of it to my morning coffee," one genius Reddit user said. "Best way to start the day."

And there was another more unconventional suggestion thrown in too.

"Milo on toast is also amazing. Put the butter on when the toast is still hot so it melts, then sprinkle a teaspoon of milo over the bread... thin enough so that it melts down. Perfection," one inventive Milo fan put forward.

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