MasterChef fans lose it over leaked call between original judges: 'The dream team'

Former MasterChef judges Matt, George and Gary are coming together again.

MasterChef Australia fans are losing their minds after the original trio of judges revealed some exciting news.

For 11 years George Colombaris, Matt Preston and Gary Mehigan were at the helm of the highly successful Channel 10 cooking reality show.

Gary Mehigan, George Colombaris and Matt Preston on MasterChef
Gary Mehigan, George Colombaris and Matt Preston were on MasterChef Australia for 11 years. Photo: Channel 10

However, in July 2019, fans of the show were left shocked when Channel 10 announced they had been unable to “reach a commercial agreement that was satisfactory to Matt, Gary and George”.

Now, the trio are back, with George taking to his Instagram account to post a video of all of them on a Zoom call together.

“Some serious food talk for a very special project but majority a lot of shots and giggles with @garymehigan @mattscravat,” George captioned the video.


Needless to say, MasterChef fans went wild over the video.

“Omggggggg pls come back to TV!” one person commented.

“I miss you 3 so much, MasterChef has never been the same without you,” another wrote.

“Really miss watching you guys,” another person said.

"The dream team," another wrote.

Original MasterChef judges Gary Mehigan, George Colombaris and Matt Preston on Zoom
George uploaded a video of the trio to his Instagram account. Photo: Instagram/George Colombaris

While there was a lot of excitement in the comment section from fans, none of the former MasterChef judges revealed exactly what the special project was.

Since their departure from the show, they have gone their separate ways in terms of their careers.

Matt Preston most recently had to drop out of Dancing With The Stars after suffering an injury, Gary Mehigan was the host of Seven’s Plate of Origin - which wasn’t renewed for a second season - and George Colombaris was involved in a wage scandal that saw him repay millions.

In 2020, George, Gary and Matt were replaced on MasterChef by food critic Melissa Leong, late chef Jock Zonfrillo and former MasterChef winner Andy Allen.

Channel 10 released a statement in July 2019, saying that despite months of negotiations with the trio, they were parting ways.

Melissa Leong, Jock Zonfrillo and Andy Allen.
Gary, Matt and George were replaced by Andy Allen, Melissa Leong and Jock Zonfrillo. Photo: Channel 10

“Across 11 sensational seasons, MasterChef Australia has established itself as one of the most popular and respected cooking television series around the world. For more than a decade, the iconic series has shaped and driven the Australian public’s passion for food and cooking, delivered iconic television moments, and made the culinary dreams of everyday home cooks come true,” the network said.

“We would like to thank Gary, George and Matt for their contribution over the past 11 years.

MasterChef Australia has always been about ordinary Australians doing extraordinary things for the love of food and we believe it is very important to continue that ethos.

“Australia is full of remarkable cooking talent and we can’t wait to introduce another group – and the next generation of exceptional judges – in season 12 of MasterChef Australia next year.”

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