Secret McDonald's TikTok dessert hack fans are losing it over: 'This is lush'

Two mums have turned McDonald's desserts into a delicious DIY delight.

Two dessert-loving mums have revealed their mouthwatering 'secret' McDonald's dessert hack, transforming a combination of fast-food treats into a delicious DIY indulgence.

The popular TikTokers, Janelle and Kate, treated their massive following to the viral Macca's recipe in a recent clip. The video, titled "Mums share McDonald's secret!", has garnered over 9.8 million views in just four days.

While the dessert hack itself has been around for a couple of years, with folks customising their Macca's soft serve with various separately purchased toppings, Janelle and Kate have upped the stakes by adding an unexpected salty twist to the mix.

McDonald's cones being made into a dessert on TikTok
The TikTokers shared the step by step process to perfecting the DIY dessert at McDonald's. Photo: TikTok/@janelleandkate

Armed with a simple clear Tupperware container brought from home, the dynamic mum duo revealed their secret to creating the sinfully sweet and salty masterpiece.

To begin their mouthwatering dessert DIY, the pair purchased six vanilla ice cream cones, along with hot fudge, and warm chocolate chip cookies from McCafe. They also brought along their own bottle of rainbow sprinkles to add to their creation.

Next, they used their Tupperware container to arrange the six vanilla ice cream cones upside down, flattening the soft-serve. Then, they crushed the cones into the mixture, adding a satisfying crunch to their creamy creation.

"It does get a little messy in the car but it's worth it," they promised in the clip.


From here it get's a bit weird, but just go with it.

What sets their creation apart is the combination of toppings they swirled through the tub of soft serve they created. The pair added their McCafe chocolate chip cookies, hot fudge, rainbow sprinkles and...wait for pièce de résistance, Macca's french fries.

Yes, you read that right!

"It's a party," they exclaimed before diving in to their soft-serve mountain and using the creamy concoction as a desserty dipping sauce for their french fries.

One of the TikTok mums passionately defended their choice to add fries, claiming it creates the ultimate "sweet and salty" combo.

Maccas chips being dipped into a TikTok dessert hack
The grand finale came when the pair dipped Macca's french fries into the ice cream. Photo: TikTok/@janelleaandkate

As expected, viewer opinions were divided on the unique dessert. Some were wholeheartedly on board, with one commenting, "Wow, that's amazing!" and another expressing the desire to hang out with the creative mums.

One person even wondered, "WOAHHH why haven't more people thought of this?"

Others shared their own versions, recommending the addition of M&M's and Oreos to the mix.

However, not everyone was sold on the 'salty' element of the fries.

One comment read, "Oh my goodness! This is lush!! minus the french fries though," while another simply stated, "You lost me at the French fries."

One person admitted, "At first, I thought you were crazy," but conceded that by the end of the video the dessert looked "pretty good."

Janelle and Kate have also shared clips of themselves making a similar dessert on TikTok, featuring McDonald's hot apple pies mixed through the soft serve with caramel sauce.

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