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The $38 brow and lash tint shoppers swear by: 'Magic'

Amaia's dual-use product tints your brows for four to five days, and your lashes for two to three weeks.

Greying brows and pale lashes can mean expensive trips to brow specialists or messy tinting at home. But beauty enthusiasts have discovered a "magic" new product that is easy to apply, with no mixing.

Amaia brow and lash tint works on both brows and lashes, and shoppers can't get enough of the pre-mixed product. "I have used ones where you have to premix them before and this is sooo much better. Colour is so natural and nice," says one. "So easy to apply and loving the results!" agrees another.

Amaia brow and lash tint
Amaia brow and lash tint is pre-mixed to use on brows and lashes. Photo: Amaia

The dual-use product, $38, tints your brows for four to five days, and your lashes for two to three weeks. It gives lashes a black tint look so you can go without mascara, and gives your brows a long-lasting, natural finish.

It comes in four colours from light brown to black, allowing you to get everything from a natural look to a stronger brow.


On your lashes, the tint can be applied like a mascara. Leave it for 15 minutes, then wipe it off with a damp cotton pad. On your brows, apply it with the applicator and leave it for between 10 to 25 minutes, depending on how bold you want your brows to look and whether you're covering greys. Then wipe it off with a damp cloth - and that's it!

Woman showing black eyelashes and brows
Customers love the black tint on eyelashes to use instead of mascara. Photo: Amaia

Shoppers love the ease of application - and the results. "I used it while I was on holiday in Bali and it was great not to worry about my lashes whilst being away. Lasted 10 days for me, even being in the pool all the time," raves one happy customer.

Another agrees: "This tint is just so great. It filled in all the gaps and I was able to feel like at least my eyebrows looked normal. I found it easy to apply with wonderful instructions included. Highly recommend."

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