Channel Ten releases explosive first trailer for The Bachelor 2023

Six months after Channel Ten made the surprising announcement that season ten of The Bachelor will feature three leading men in a world-first for the franchise, fans have finally received their first look at what to expect.

A new promo clip for the upcoming season, which will premiere on January 9, teases triple the amount of romance, drama, and engagement rings in a brand new location on the Gold Coast.

The Bachelor's Jed, Thomas and Felix.
Channel Ten has released an extended first look at the new season of The Bachelor. Photos: Channel Ten

The video opens with a shot of Felix Van Hofe, a 27-year-old marketing manager, walking towards a window overlooking the ocean while shirtless.

“What is love to me? I’ve never felt it,” he remarks. “That’s why I’m here.”

Next, 35-year-old restaurant manager Thomas Malucelli, who was born in a small town outside Florence, Italy, is shown walking into a glitzy room wearing a white three-piece suit.


“I’ve always been very romantic,” he says. “I think it’s just in my DNA.”

25-year-old drummer Jed McIntosh is then seen playing the drums before putting on a black blazer with silver sequins.

“I need a confident woman that can accept my lifestyle,” he shares. “I’m ready for it!”

The Bachelor 2023 trailer.
Season ten promises triple the amount of romance, drama and engagement rings. Photos: Channel Ten

‘I’m not going to accept this rose’

The clip, which is set to Shawn Mendes’ song Summer of Love, then shows a montage of the three Bachelors offering roses to various women on dates around the Gold Coast. The mood immediately changes when Jed compliments a blonde contestant on their coffee date and calls her “perfect”, but she rejects his rose.

“Unfortunately, I’m not going to accept this rose,” she says as the music slows down.

“I just thought I was the one making those decisions, but apparently not,” Jed later tells a producer.

Fans also receive a glimpse at a very dramatic first cocktail party, where host Osher Günsberg announces that the three Bachelors each have an engagement ring to give to their chosen partner at the end of the show.

Bachelor Jed crying, Bachelor Felix kissing, a contestant looking shocked.
The new season premieres on January 9. Photos: Channel Ten

‘She’s a f**king sociopath’

As for the drama, one blonde contestant is shown boldly kissing Jed in the middle of a cocktail party while he’s surrounded by other women. Meanwhile, Felix is spotted making out with someone under a blanket as the others label him “an absolute player”.

More surprising moments in the teaser feature a contestant stopping a rose ceremony midway through, Felix expressing his surprise at a woman being in an open relationship, Jed and Thomas both breaking down in tears, and Osher attempting to stop an argument between two contestants.

“How can he not see that she’s a f**king sociopath?!” a brunette later exclaims to a fellow contestant.

While the new series wrapped filming earlier this year, it will finally premiere on January 9 after numerous delays.

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