The Bachelor 2022: Channel 10 announces three leads in a world-first

In a world-first for the franchise, this year’s season of The Bachelor Australia will feature three leading men on the search to find love.

27-year-old marketing manager Felix Von Hofe, 25-year-old drummer and songwriter Jed McIntosh, and 35-year-old restaurant manager Thomas Malucelli will each be handing out roses in the show’s new location on the Gold Coast.

The Bachelor's Felix Von Hofe, Jed McIntosh, and Thomas Malucelli.
Season ten of The Bachelor Australia will star three leading men for the very first time. Photo: Channel Ten

While it was ‘leaked’ last week that season ten will star more than one Bachelor, Yahoo Lifestyle can reveal that Channel Ten invited Jed to be a part of the show at the last minute for a very unexpected reason.

“They had Felix and Thomas already secured but worried they weren't quite ‘edgy’ enough or different to the leads they've had previously,” a source tells us.

“And after seeing girls are now falling for rock stars and tattooed punks thanks to Kim Kardashian’s relationship with Pete Davidson and Megan Fox’s romance with Machine Gun Kelly, they wanted to jump on this trend and get someone alternative.

“Historically the Bachelor is meant to be groomed and polished to perfection, but this year they've thrown the rule book out to try and appeal to as many people as possible.”


Speaking on The Project on Monday night, host Osher Günsberg described the upcoming season as both “fascinating” and “electrifying”.

“We’re so excited,” he said. "We are doing a world first. No one else in the world has ever had three Bachelors, so therefore the way it works and the way everyone gets to know each other is very different this year, but you will see that as we go.”

Osher went on to hint that the number of Bachelors isn’t the only change this season, suggesting that the show won’t even feature any candles or fairy lights as it has in the past.

Who are the 2022 Bachelors?

The Bachelor's Felix Von Hofe.
Felix Von Hofe is looking for a woman with “a good sense of humour”. Photo: Channel Ten

Felix Von Hofe

Standing at an impressive 6 feet 6 inches tall, 27-year-old Felix Von Hofe is a former professional basketball player from Melbourne.

According to LinkedIn, Felix studied at Eastern Washington University in the United States for four years before playing professional basketball with Melbourne United.

In 2018 he worked as a broadcaster at Crocmedia, before moving to Sportsbet where he is currently a brand ambassador.

In a statement from Channel Ten, Felix describes himself as a “family man” and says that the most attractive quality a girl can have is “a good sense of humour”.

“My dream date would be anything where it ends up hurting to laugh, because if we’re both laughing the whole time then it can’t get much better,” he says.

The Bachelor's Thomas Malucelli.
Thomas Malucelli is looking for a woman who is “confident, honest and a great communicator”. Photo: Channel Ten

Thomas Malucelli

Thomas Philbin-Malucelli is a 35-year-old former restaurant manager from Sydney who grew up in a small town outside Florence in Italy.

Describing himself as an adrenaline junkie and outdoorsman, his favourite pastimes include meditation and practising mindfulness.

He boasts 11,000 followers on Instagram and has worked in the hospitality industry for 20 years all over the world. According to social media, he has previously worked at Walt Disney World and served as Rihanna’s personal waiter when he lived in New York City.

For six years he was employed as a restaurant manager at O Bar and Dining in Sydney, and he most recently worked at SETA SYDNEY. However, Yahoo Lifestyle can exclusively reveal that he quit his job at the Italian restaurant just over a week ago.

In 2017 Thomas launched his own health business, calling himself a transformation specialist and lifestyle entrepreneur to help people “create their ideal level of health & generally feel fantastic”, according to his LinkedIn.

Heading onto The Bachelor, Thomas shares that he is looking for a woman who is “confident, honest and a great communicator”.

“The idea of finding the love of my life in a context that is so out of my comfort zone really excites me,” he says.

The Bachelor's Jed McIntosh.
Jed McIntosh is looking for a woman who is “confident, passionate, empathetic, and ready to commit”. Photo: Channel Ten

Jed McIntosh

25-year-old drummer and songwriter Jedidiah ‘Jed’ McIntosh forms one-third of the dark pop band Mood Monroe with his brother Jackson McIntosh and friend Bailey Sampson.

The Melbourne-based band, which officially started in mid-2019, have been compared to the Imagine Dragons and the Weeknd with their “hard-hitting energetic productions” and “vulnerable storytelling”.

Despite his tough boy exterior, Jed has been described as “a sensitive man with a very big heart”.

He says that he isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd and has come onto The Bachelor in the hopes of finding a woman who is “confident, passionate, empathetic, and ready to commit”.

“A woman willing to find love on a public platform is the confidence I need in a partner,” he says.

The Bachelor Australia is coming soon to Channel Ten.


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