New 2022 Bachelor 'spoils' the show's ending with social media fail

One of The Bachelor’s new stars has been spotted doing something suspicious.

Although Channel Ten hasn’t officially announced a premiere date for season ten of the dating show, Bachelor Thomas Malucelli was spotted on the dating app Hinge.

Bachelor stars Felix Von Hofe, Jed McIntosh and Thomas Malucelli
Bachelor star Thomas Malucelli has been caught on a dating app. Photo: Ten

The 35-year-old restaurant manager is one of three Bachelors that will be handing out roses to potential love interests.

Thomas will star alongside 27-year-old marketing manager Felix Von Hofe and 25-year-old drummer and songwriter Jed McIntosh.

However, it looks like the star may have accidentally spoiled the ending, by looking for a potential match on Hinge after filming has finished.


Thomas' profile picture shows the star wearing a baggy white grey singlet and shorts on the beach, while smiling in a relaxed pose.

In his ‘dating me will look like’ section, the star showed off his comedic side. While taking a selfie on a paddleboard, there’s a woman behind him on another paddleboard looking terrified.

Filming of the latest season wrapped up on the Gold Coast in July, and reality TV participants are usually asked to keep a low profile online until the season has aired.

When asked for comment, a spokesperson from Channel Ten told Yahoo Lifestyle that Thomas no longer uses this Hinge account.

"This is an old account that was set up last year and hasn't been used since being cast on The Bachelors Australia," they said. "I wouldn't read too much into it."

Thomas Malucelli's profile on Hinge
It looks like Thomas is actively seeking out a match on Hinge. Photo: Hinge

Bachelor Jed McIntosh's wild behaviour

This comes after fellow bachelor Jed was spotted ‘approaching girls’ at Sussudio in Potts Point.

“He seemed very single,” one woman he spoke to told Yahoo Lifestyle.

“It was really weird he was there on his own, he told us he was waiting for his mates but no one came. We left at around 3am and he was still there on his own. It’s as if he just went out to meet people.”

The source added that when she asked about The Bachelor, after recognising Jed from the official announcement earlier this year, he said it was “a good experience” but “couldn’t confirm" if he is still with anyone.

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