Bachelor Jed McIntosh ‘spoils show ending’ while partying in Sydney

Channel Ten is yet to announce a premiere date for season ten of The Bachelor, but it seems as though one of the three leading men may have accidentally spoiled their ending during a night out in Sydney.

Jed McIntosh, a 25-year-old drummer and songwriter, has been living it up after filming the show on the Gold Coast last month and openly discussing the season with random people he meets in bars.

The Bachelor's Jed McIntosh.
2022 Bachelor Jed McIntosh may have accidentally spoiled his ending during a night out in Sydney. Photo: Channel Ten

A source tells Yahoo Lifestyle that the soon-to-be reality star was spotted partying at Sussudio in Potts Point last weekend and “approaching girls”.

“He seemed very single,” one woman he spoke to tells us.

“It was really weird he was there on his own, he told us he was waiting for his mates but no one came. We left at around 3am and he was still there on his own. It’s as if he just went out to meet people.”


The source added that when she asked about The Bachelor, after recognising Jed from the official announcement earlier this year, he said it was “a good experience” but “couldn’t confirm" if he is still with anyone.

In previous years, the show’s leads and contestants are required to keep low profiles until the season has aired on TV to avoid any speculation or spoilers.

The Bachelor's Jed McIntosh smoking.
A source tells Yahoo Lifestyle that Jed was spotted partying by himself at a Sydney bar and ‘approaching girls’. Photo: Instagram/jed.mcintosh

Jed’s controversial Facebook posts

Back in May Jed was forced to respond to controversial Facebook posts he allegedly wrote about a decade ago after they resurfaced online.

The musician was embroiled in scandal when posts made in 2011, when Jed was about 14 years old, were leaked by a Twitter user, So Dramatic! reports.

In one post, Jed appears to discuss r**e while in another he admits to laughing at year 12 students “getting pissed” and “having a perv” on a female teacher. In another, he spoke about “smashing p*ssy”.

After the screenshots of his posts emerged, Jed denied any recollection of writing them and told Yahoo Lifestyle in a statement that he was “shocked” when he saw the posts.

“These posts are from over 10 years ago and I don't have any recollection of making them,” he said. “Anyone who knows me knows this is not who I am.

“As a kid, we say things not understanding the gravity of the language used but I can adamantly say as an adult I do not agree with the use of language and sentiment of the posts.

“I have the utmost respect for women, am a strong advocate for assault victims and would never want to cause any harm or hurt to anyone.”

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