Sunrise's David Koch calls out Sam Mac's 'special' parenting moment

Sunrise star Sam Mac has melted the hearts of his social media followers after he shared an adorable video on Instagram with his five-week-old daughter Margot.

In the clip, the TV weatherman performs an acoustic cover of The Temptations’ song My Girl, substituting a few words in the chorus for his daughter’s name while she lies on top of his guitar.

Sunrise's Sam Mac playing guitar with his newborn Margot.
Sunrise’s Sam Mac shared a sweet video online playing the guitar with his newborn daughter Margot. Photos: Instagram/sammacinsta

“Little Margot is already very good on the guitar,” he captioned the post. “Finally, I’m a dad & can legitimately make those awful puns.”


The video was also played on Tuesday morning’s episode of Sunrise, with Sam calling it a “very special moment”.

“It was so sweet, she sat there for ten minutes!” he gushed while reporting live from Perth. “It honestly blew my mind, she was so calm.

“I thought I’d share that with you guys because so many of our Sunrise viewers have written beautiful messages of congratulations and they’re all checking in. I feel like she’s got about 10,000 aunties and nanas around the country.”

Sunrise's David Koch and Nat Barr laughing.
Hosts David ‘Kochie’ Koch and Nat Barr joked that Margot didn’t move because she was ‘stuck’. Photo: Channel Seven

‘What the hell’

In the studio, hosts David ‘Kochie’ Koch and Nat Barr joked that the only reason she stayed atop the guitar was because she was “stuck”.

“Her hand was stuck in the strings!” Kochie laughed. “And the look on her face was ‘What the hell am I doing here?’”

“That’s because she had wind and it was feeling good,” Nat added as Sam laughed. “Other than that, it was a beautiful moment!”

The pair’s comments clearly angered some viewers, with one person taking to social media to say that Kochie and Nat “should keep their stupid opinions to themselves”.

“To belittle someone on national TV is a disgrace, and a member of their team, disrespectful,” they added. “I don’t care if they didn’t mean harm, this is a form of bullying.”

‘So special’

However, other viewers simply couldn’t get enough of Sam’s video and labelled it his “best ever post”.

“This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!” one person wrote, while another added, “Oh stop this you made me cry”.

“This is so beautiful Sam. Margot loves it, she loves her Daddy’s voice. So special,” a third said.

“That’s the cutest thing on my Insta today,” someone else remarked, followed by a different user who joked, “Oh come on… Now you’re actively trying to get all your female followers to have their ovaries explode”.

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