Sunrise's Sam Mac shocks viewers with 'crazy' stunt: 'Life in danger'

Just over a week after returning to Sunrise following the birth of his first child, Sam Mac has shocked viewers by participating in a rather dangerous stunt live on-air.

The TV weather presenter was joined by stunt rider Ryan Williams on Monday morning and was instructed to sit behind a small wooden ramp as the action sports star would jump over him with his bike.

Sunrise's Sam Mac with action sports star Ryan Williams riding a bike over him.
Sunrise’s Sam Mac participated in a dangerous bike stunt live on-air. Photos: Channel Seven

Sam laughed nervously as he sat upright with his feet against the back of the ramp, joking that the stunt would have been “much safer” for former Sunrise weatherman Grant Denyer because he isn’t as tall.

“Just sit there and I promise, as long as you don’t do anything, I should make it over you,” Ryan said.


“I’m going to film this just because I might need it in the court of law, just for legal purposes,” Sam said while getting his phone out.

“Key word there was he said ‘I should make it’.”

Sunrise's Sam Mac with action sports star Ryan Williams.
Stunt rider Ryan Williams said Sam had ‘no trust’ in him because he moved his head. Photos: Channel Seven

‘You did not trust me!’

Ryan then rode his bike down the stairs towards Sam, encouraging him not to lean his head forward or he “might take it off”.

However, Sam ended up flinching and ducking his head slightly when Ryan rode his bike onto the ramp and jumped over him.

“He moved his head!” Ryan said in shock, while host David ‘Kochie’ Koch yelled from the studio, “You moved your head!”.

“Oh yeah, it’s really easy to say ‘stay still’ while a tyre is coming like this, but I trusted Ryan because he’s a legend,” Sam laughed as Ryan quickly disagreed.

“You did not trust me!” he replied. “Play the replay, there was no trust in that at all!”


After the video was shared on social media, viewers took to the comments to share their thoughts on the wild stunt.

“Sam are you crazy or a legend,” one person wrote. “You are a father now so you need not be so reckless.”

“Sam why did you move, were you scared?” another remarked, while a third said, “I would like to see from Sam's angle now.”

Ryan later shared the clip with his 1.7 million followers on Instagram and thanked Sam for being a “good sport”, adding: “Got to love putting the weatherman’s life in danger”

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