Jamie Lee Curtis shuts down Sunrise star in 'awkward' interview: 'Rude'

Jamie Lee Curtis has received backlash online following a rather awkward interview with Sunrise's showbiz correspondent Steve Hargrave, with fans labelling her as “rude”.

The veteran Hollywood actress, who was promoting the new film Halloween Ends on the breakfast show, was left unimpressed with Steve and shut down his many attempts to make her laugh throughout the chat.

Jamie Lee Curtis and Sunrise's Steve Hargrave.
Jamie Lee Curtis had an awkward interview with Sunrise’s showbiz correspondent Steve Hargrave to promote her new film Halloween Ends. Photos: Channel Seven

Steve began the interview by giving her “the proper Halloween intro” and performed the film series' iconic theme song on a small keyboard.

“That was a fail,” she bluntly interjected after he messed up a few notes. “That was a complete fail!”

“I’ve been practising for days,” he replied, to which she shrugged and said, “I understand, well, you know…”.


The journalist then tried to scare her using spooky sound effects to suggest someone had broken into his house before he walked off camera and returned wearing a Michael Myers mask while carrying a knife.

“Oh boy,” Jamie said without reacting to the stunt. “Yeah, you know what, darling? Let me just say this. You know, it’s gone a little… [The mask] actually looks kind of silly on you. It’s not scary to me at all.

“Michael has no personality. He’s not like this cute dude with a beard and earpods sticking out of his ears with a really sad little music maker. He’s a monster, and you’re not a monster.”

“So what you’re saying, Jamie, is stick to your day job - that’s the subtle message I’m getting from you?” Steve asked her.

“Without question - because apparently, you’re good at it!” she replied.

Jamie Lee Curtis and Sunrise's Steve Hargrave wearing a Michael Myers mask.
Steve tried to scare Jamie with a Michael Myers mask, but she was left unimpressed and confused. Photos: Channel Seven

Chatting with fellow Sunrise star Edwina Bartholomew about his interview with Jamie on the show, Steve addressed the cringe-worthy interaction.

“Steve, you tried to scare her, the unscareable woman - she wasn’t having a bar of it?” Eddy asked.

“I get used to scaring people with this face, I can’t help it,” he joked while pointing to his face.

“She is also someone who loves to take the mickey. Every time I’ve interviewed her she keeps you on your toes. This time was no different, it’s called Halloween Ends, as you say, so I knew this interview was going to be a very spooky experience.”

Sunrise's Steve Hargrave facepalming.
‘I get used to scaring people with this face, I can’t help it.’ Photo: Channel Seven

‘Uneasy viewing’

After the interview clip was shared on social media, a number of people left comments about Jamie’s behaviour and the pair’s “awkward” dynamic.

“It was uneasy viewing. Never seen her act like that before,” one person wrote, followed by another who said, “Thought she had a better sense of humour than that!”.

“Thought she was a bit nasty really,” a third replied, while someone else shared, “She's bloody rude!”.

However, others appreciated the interview and said that they could find the humour in their relationship.

“Steve is unique and puts time and effort into his segments. I thought it was clear that he and Jamie Lee had history and were messing with each other,” a fan commented.

“This was fun, Steve and Jamie were messing with us,” another agreed.

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