Hidden detail in Sunrise host Sam Mac's baby snap: 'Trouble'

Sunrise star Sam Mac has shared a relatable parenting moment with his two week old daughter Margot.

The weatherman posted a snap with his newborn on Instagram, with fans quick to spot a hilarious detail.

Sunrise weatherman Sam Mac sits on a chair with his newborn baby, Margot on his chest. There is a vomit stain on his top and she has her middle finger up
Sunrise star Sam Mac shared this photo with his newborn baby. Photo: Instagram/sammacinsta

“Margot is 2 weeks old today…& she’s just given me my first performance review,” Sam joked in the caption.

Sam looks at the camera with an unamused expression while resting his daughter on his chest.

A closer look reveals that Margot has her middle finger up and has also left a vomit stain on the host’s top.


His girlfriend Rebecca James offered some words of encouragement, writing: “Hahaha you’re doing amazing, sweetie.”

Fans were delighted by Sam’s post, with many warning him that being a parent ‘gets worse’.

“Hahaha I thought you were talking about the spit up and then I zoomed in and saw her middle finger,” a fan commented.

“She’s flipping the bird after a [spew]! Just wait until she starts bossing you around,” another quipped.

“Lmfao chuck, then the middle finger at 2 weeks. You’re in trouble,” a third remarked.

“It’s the spew stain that really makes it real. You’re doing great,” added a fan.

Sunrise host Sam Mac with his girlfriend Rebecca James and their newborn baby girl Margot in the hospital
Sam and Rebecca welcomed their baby Margot two weeks ago. Photo: Instagram/sammacinsta

Others chimed in with parenting horror stories of their own.

“Have you had the leaking nappy all over your lap yet? Then you’ll know you’re alive,” one joked.

“Mate that’s nothing at 2 weeks I was shat on from the change table. On my face, in my hair, up the wall behind me. Now that’s amazing,” a second added.

“The attitude has just started. It only gets worse from here,” another commented.

Sam Mac's controversial gift

This comes after Sam's present for new mother Rebecca divided fans.

Sharing a snap of Rebecca and their newborn daughter Margot on Instagram, the stylist holds an oversized glass of wine while smiling.

“My darling Rebecca has been looking forward to a glass of wine for 9 months. You’re welcs boo,” the weatherman wrote in the caption.

The glass filled with rosé wine appears bigger than Rebecca’s face and their newborn baby.

Sam Mac's girlfriend Rebecca James holding her newborn baby Margot and a giant glass of wine
Sunrise's Sam Mac gifted his girlfriend Rebecca with a giant glass of wine. Photo: Instagram/sammacinsta

Sam's followers were delighted by the lighthearted post, with many relating to Rebecca.

“Bec so deserves it. Enjoy, Margot is just perfect. Enjoy all she brings,” a fan wrote.

“She has the postpartum glow. Or is her face lit up from the giant glass of wine? I think both,” another fan quipped.

However, there were some fans critical of Rebecca’s choice to drink wine after giving birth.

“Should you be drinking while breastfeeding? Or are [you] bottle feeding?” one asked.

“Umm…not supposed to drink if breastfeeding,” another pointed out.

“Not breastfeeding? But if you are, remember what you have baby has also,” a third added.

Fans quickly jumped to defend the new mum, saying that whether Rebecca is breastfeeding or not isn’t anyone’s ‘damned business’.

"None of yours or our business! They are a well-educated couple who don't need strangers' advice or questioning," a fan fired back.

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