Sunrise reporter goes 'missing' during chaotic live cross: 'HELP'

Sunrise hosts often lose it over reporter Nathan Currie's hilarious antics and Monday morning was no different.

While presenting a live cross for the program after Argentina won the World Cup, Nathan was caught in the midst of some very excited football fans at the Imperial Hotel in Melbourne's CBD.

Hosts Monique Wright and Matt Doran threw to Nathan for the live cross, however he found it hard to hear the hosts as he became swallowed by a sea of soccer fans screaming and shouting.

As he was dragged into the crowd further away from the camera the hosts laughed and said, "Oh no".

Sunrise reporter Nathan Currie gets lost in a sea of people in Melbourne.
Nathan Currie got caught up in the World Cup celebrations. Source: Instagram/@sunriseon7

"Sometimes you say it all without saying anything really," Matt quipped as Nathan said they had moved from the Imperial Hotel and were now on the steps of parliament.

As he continues being swallowed by the crowd the reporter yells, "I've lost control".

"He's in there somewhere," Matt is heard saying from the studio.

The reporter then managed to get himself back in front of the camera but it wasn't long before the crowd overtook him again and pulled a number 10 Argentina football shirt over his head.


Things had appeared to calm down when the hosts crossed back to Nathan later in the program, with Matt joking he thought they might need to organise a security detail.

While Nathan continued to deliver his live cross, he was bombarded by a fan once again and quipped that he may actually need it.

Sunrise posted a video of the hilarious live cross on Instagram with the caption: "Our intrepid reporter Nathan Currie was in the thick of the celebrations in Melbourne ... we think?"

"Help," the reporter jokingly commented on the video.

Sunrise fans praised the reporter for the moment on Instagram, with even his own cousin posting a hilarious message.

"MISSING: My cousin Nathan Currie last seen doing a live cross on Spring Street," his cousin quipped.


"Nathan Currie making everyone's Mondays at work seem less stressful," another commented.

"Brilliant," a third added while fellow Sunrise reporter Tamra Bow said, "I love how you just copped it".

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