Sunrise reporter mocked over hilarious on-air mishap: 'That's gold'

Sunrise reporter Nathan Currie has been roasted by The Morning Show hosts as they replayed a hilarious on-air moment.

Nathan, who was reporting on wet weather in Mornington in Victoria, copped an early-morning drenching as a large truck drove by and doused him in a wave of water, damaging his microphone.

Replaying the clip on The Morning Show, Nathan is seen trying to keep his composure but crouches over laughing as water drips down the camera lens.

Hosts Kylie Gilles and Matt Doran laughed as they played the clip and took a light-hearted dig at the reporter.

"We did hope to return to Nathan Currie didn't we Kyles for a chat but he said no, he's thrown in the towel, he's going to have a soy latte and a warm shower and is no longer available for the duration of the show. We'll let our viewers decide if that's the right course of action," Matt joked.

Nathan Currie is drenched by a passing truck during his weather report.
Nathan Currie was absolutely drenched as a truck sprayed him when it drove past during his report. Source: The Morning Show

Kylie said the truck had drenched the camera and the microphone, which no longer worked.

"There's a competing theory that his microphone was down as a result of it, but I like my version better," Matt quipped.

Kylie then took a jab at the soaked reporter, saying, "You watch, he'll hit us up for the dry cleaning bill".

"It's already been washed, you're fine," she said.


Nathan took his own light-hearted swipe back at the hosts as he posted the clip of the moment on his Instagram.

"Nah that's cool Matt I didn't want any sympathy anyway," he joked.

Nathan said he and the cameraman were standing in the driveway of a farm for the live cross, however, it didn't stop the truck's spray from drenching him.

"It felt like a wave had hit me," he said.

"I was trying to keep a straight face but that was hard to do because our cameraman Jarod had completely lost it."

Fans also clearly found the moment hilarious, with many commenting on the clip on Instagram.


"That's gold," one commented.

"How glamorous is television," another said.

"Didn't miss a beat mate, what a pro," a third added.

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