Weekend Sunrise's Matt Doran storms off after interview fail

Weekend Sunrise host Matt Doran has stormed off after an interview went terribly wrong during a segment on Sunday's show.

Matt and co-host Sally Bowrey were interviewing Astrophysical & Planetary Sciences expert Dr Kevin France, who was in the Northern Territory along with NASA personnel for the rocket launch mission from Australia.

As the hosts attempted to ask about the mission, the interview seriously failed as they could see Dr France on screen, but could not hear him due to technical difficulties.

Matt began to tell viewers about the first commercial space launch in Australia's history, in hopes the audio would return while he was "rambling".

“Please tell me that we can not send a rocket 300km into earth’s orbit, but we can’t get comms with Kevin,” Matt said.

Matt Doran throws his script before walking off set during an interview.
Matt Doran threw his script and walked off in frustration. Source: Sunrise

They continued to play clips from the mission in Northern Territory, while Matt said Dr France had been excited to tell them about the launch.

"Our audience suffers through this with me," he said.

"I apologise to Kevin, I apologise to our audience and now I move on swiftly to the next segment."

The technical difficulty was then resolved, with Dr France appearing back on screen as viewers heard him say, "I've got you, I've got you".


"You beauty," Matt exclaimed enthusiastically before launching into a long question about the space mission.

However, when Dr France went to answer, the audio appeared to fail once again.

Matt then dramatically threw his script on the desk and walked out while his co-host said, "Oh no".

Matt Doran and Sally Bowrey hosting Weekend Sunrise.
Matt Doran was disappointed the interview couldn't go ahead. Source: Sunrise

"This is devastating," she said.

"He can hear us but we can't hear him."

Matt then returned to the couch and said: "That's what happens when you ask a 58-second question and you finally get Kevin back."

"He just got bored," Sally joked before Matt said, "I got bored of my own self".

"Sorry everyone, sorry to all the Sunrise viewers, to Kevin," he said.

"That was the best question I've ever asked on morning television."

NASA successfully launched the rocket overnight after troublesome winds caused the countdown to be aborted several times before the first of three scheduled rockets finally launched at about 12.30am (local time) Monday.

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