Sunrise star suffers massive fail live on-air: 'Elite idiot'

Sunrise star Matt Doran was left red-faced on Thursday for making an embarrassing gaffe while live on-air. The fill-in host was filming a cooking segment with MasterChef's Courtney Roulston when he ruined Monique Wright’s outfit.

After being instructed to stab a cherry with a skewer, the chef warned Matt to “be careful of Mon’s shirt” during the process. As soon as he pierced the fruit, some cherry juice flung right onto Monique’s pale blue shirt.

L: Sunrise star Matt Doran and Monique Wright in the Sunrise kitchen. R: Monique Wright points at her shirt
Sunrise star Matt Doran was mortified when he made the gaffe on air. Photo: Seven

Although the spots were small, the dark colour made them hard to miss.

“Oh god,” he said while looking flustered.

“You actually predicted that was going to happen!” Monique replied to Courtney in disbelief.


“I am so sorry. That means an outfit change. I am like, an elite idiot,” Matt grovelled, before attempting to fix the situation.

L: Matt Doran has his head in his hands. Monique Wright is looking at the celebrity chef's platter on Sunrise
Matt attempted to fix the messy situation but had no luck. Photo: Seven

In a behind-the-scenes video shared by the show’s Instagram account, Matt grabbed a white towel and spray bottle of stain remover from the wardrobe department. He told fans that he hoped to “save the day”.

However, Monique had told him that “nothing gets cherry out”, so the sheepish host took his place next to her on set. Monique tried to cover the cherry stain with her necktie, which was supposed to hang down the centre of her shirt.

“Just fling the necktie to one side and all our problems [are solved],” he said, before admitting he was “terrified” by his co-host.

The fill-in hosts were praised for their “fun and natural” presenting style on social media. Many called for Monique and Matt to replace David ‘Kochie’ Koch and Natalie Barr permanently.

“Wish these two could stay and [especially] Mon,” a fan wrote, while another added, “Love these two together, they should totally take over the weekday Sunrise”.


“Right 2023, these two lead anchors give the people what they want: Warmth, humour, quick wit, genuine and down-to-earth folks. No more dated and stifled Nat and Kochie,” a third chimed in.

“Time for a change permanently. Out with the ancient people. Definitely not Sam he is a keeper,” another remarked.

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