Sunrise's Sam Mac teases exit from Brekky Central: 'I've decided'

Sunrise star Sam Mac has had a busy year, welcoming his first child into the world with his girlfriend Rebecca James in September. Fans have been wondering how he was going to juggle parenthood with his job as Sunrise’s weatherman, as it often involves travel around the country.

On Friday, Sam shared an Instagram post about his future with the show that left his fans ‘scared’. Alongside a photo of himself working on Sunrise, his caption started with an ominous statement.

L: Robert Irwin guest hosting on Sunrise. R: Sam Mac filming for Sunrise and doing a peace sign
Robert Irwin has joked in the past that he wants Sam's job on Sunrise. Photo: Instagram/robertirwinphotography & sammacinsta

“ANNOUNCEMENT…After seven incredible years as the Sunrise weatherman I’ve decided…

“That it’s arguably the best job in the world and I’d be crazy not to keep going. So I’m delighted to announce that I have just committed to at least two more years in the role,” he quipped.

He then took a subtle dig at Robert Irwin, who has previously filled in as the weatherman on Brekky Central.

“Sorry Robert Irwin, you’ll have to wait bro,” he joked. The star revealed that the entire Sunrise team have been supportive of his new journey as a dad, adding that he was particularly grateful for Sarah Stinson, the Director of Morning Television at Seven.

“We’ve managed to find a way to make the gruelling travel schedule work for everyone. I can’t wait to take our little family on the road and show Bec and Margot some of the best spots Australia has to offer (open to suggestions for next year),” he continued.


Sam also shared a “special shout out” to viewers of the show, saying that he ‘feels the love’ from all the fans.

Fellow Sunrise star Edwina Bartholomew applauded the new dad for his contract extension. “Wonderful news Sam Mac. That travel cot is going to get a workout!” she wrote.

Sam Mac, Rebecca James and their daughter Margot next to a car
Sam is planning to take his partner Rebecca and daughter Margot on the road. Photo: Instagram/sammacinsta

Sam’s girlfriend Rebecca also added that she was “so excited” about his big news.

"Brilliant stuff! Our show wouldn’t be the same without you! We love you!" fellow Sunrise reporter Tamra Bow commented.


Some fans told the star how worried they were that he was going to leave the show, while others sent their congratulations.

“You got me scared for a second when I started reading, I thought you would say you were leaving! Pheww!” one fan wrote.

“Legit thought this was an ‘I’m leaving post’ and you were announcing that Robert Irwin was replacing you!” added another.

“Awesome news!! The show wouldn’t be the same without you. Although Robert Irwin is an excellent stand-in when you’re on leave,” a third gushed.

“Fantastic news! Without you, Sunrise wouldn’t be worth watching,” another commented.

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