Sunrise guest takes dig at Today’s Karl Stefanovic live on-air: 'Wimp'

A guest appearing on Sunrise took a savage dig at the breakfast show’s rival host Karl Stefanovic live on-air during Wednesday morning’s episode, labelling him as “the biggest wimp”.

John, who has been working with camel tour operator Red Sun Camels for over 22 years, was helping weatherman Sam Mac ride a camel in Broome when the pair began speaking about his previous celebrity encounters.

A camel tour operator and Sunrise's Sam Mac.
A camel tour operator took a dig at Karl Stefanovic during an appearance on Sunrise. Photo: Channel Seven

“You’ve obviously had a lot of TV people, movie people. Who’s been the biggest wimp on a camel in your 22 years?” Sam asked.

“Oh, you’re going to love this,” John replied without missing a beat. “Karl Stefanovic.”

Hosts Nat Barr and David ‘Kochie’ Koch, who were watching the interview from Brekky Central, immediately burst into laughter at the mention of the Channel Nine host.


“We did the Today show many years ago, and Lisa Wilkinson? Brave as all hell, do anything,” John continued.

“Karl? Nup, big girl’s blouse,” he added, leaving Nat and Kochie in stitches.

As Sam swore he didn’t set that answer up “to have some sort of petty rivalry” with the Today star, John doubled down and said, “Karl remembers”.

“The camels are a great judge of character I’ve heard,” Sam laughed.

Sunrise hosts Nat Barr and David ‘Kochie’ Koch and Today's Karl Stefanovic.
A camel tour operator took a dig at Karl Stefanovic during an appearance on Sunrise. Photo: Channel Seven


The hilarious on-air moment comes shortly after Karl took a brutal swipe at Kochie during a TV interview, calling the 66-year-old “hopeless”.

Karl was interviewing NRL chairman Peter V'landys about the Grand Final when the pair spoke about footballer-turned-pro boxer Paul Gallen, who has previously challenged Karl to a fight in the ring.

“It's all about this with Paul Gallen. Blah, blah, blah,” the 48-year-old Today host responded when asked if the fight was ever going to happen.

“It's like a lion against a kitten!” Paul joked, before adding, “If you want a couple of easy fights, fight David Koch. Fight Kochie first, then work your way up to Gallen!”

Karl then responded, “He's hopeless! He's hopeless! Couldn't handle himself in the ring that's for sure.”

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