Today's Allison Langdon shocks Karl Stefanovic with X-rated comment

Today Show host Allison Langdon left her co-host Karl Stefanovic and newsreader Alex Cullen in stitches after making an unfortunate X-rated mistake while discussing American football.

Ally was speaking about the NFL game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Los Angeles Rams when she accidentally called the 49ers, the "69ers", leaving Karl and Alex shocked.

Today Show host Allison Langdon and Karl Stefanovic
Today Show host Allison Langdon left her co-hosts in stitches on Wednesday after shocking them with an X-rated comment. Photo: Nine

"Can I just bring everyone up to date, that what you guys, Karl and Alex got up to yesterday, because I assume we leave here in the morning and we all go home and parent our children, that's what I do," she began.

Referencing Karl and Alex she added, "It would seem they did neither of those things yesterday.


"They were watching some footy game in America: the Rams [versus] the San Francisco 69ers."

Karl and Alex were left momentarily shocked by the Freudian slip, before they began laughing hysterically.

Allison quickly realised what she said and began laughing as Alex yelled, "The 49ers!"

"That sounds much more interesting," Karl quipped.

"Yes, a lot of people might pay to see that," Alex joked.

"That's what we were doing?" Karl questioned. "That's much harder to explain to your wife!"

"The 49ers did win!" Alex added.

The Today Show Instagram account shared the video with the caption, "The San Francisco what..." along with an embarrassed emoji and laughing emoji.

"Let’s get some sport now with Ally," Karl jokingly commented.

"Watching the San Francisco 69’ers OnlyFans account again," one user joked.

"Ally makes American football interesting," another added.

"I nearly spat my coffee everywhere Ally," a third wrote, with a fourth adding, "I literally choked on my Weet-Bix."

"Ally you are absolutely fabulous," someone else said.

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