Sunrise star's 'disaster' moments before live broadcast: 'Emergency'

Sunrise star Sally Bowrey had a “disaster” moment during Monday morning’s broadcast when she spilled coffee on her dress in the middle of an ad break.

In a clip posted to the breakfast show’s TikTok account, Sally and her colleague Mark Beretta were trying to film a dance video in the studio when she took a sip of coffee and accidentally missed her mouth.

Sunrise star Sally Bowrey with spilt coffee on her dress.
Sunrise star Sally Bowrey spilt coffee on her dress during an ad break. Photos: TikTok/sunriseon7

With only two minutes and thirty seconds until she had to be back on the air, the newsreader then ran downstairs for an “emergency trip to wardrobe” to try and fix the stain on the front of her red dress.

Sally frantically tried to use a “miracle” spray bottle to clean the mess while the wardrobe assistants rushed over.

“I don’t know what you should do now honestly,” one person told her. “There’s going to be a watermark. I would leave it.”


The group then decided to try and dry the wet spot with a hairdryer, before eventually just covering it up with her hair.

“That’s actually not that bad,” Sally said. “You’ll see on-air if we get away with it.”

Sunrise star Sally Bowrey fixing the stain on her dress.
Sally fixed the problem by covering the stain with her hair. Photos: TikTok/sunriseon7

The journalist ended up arriving back at the studio with 40 seconds until she needed to be on TV, and told the camera operator that they had “one job” - to make sure the stain was constantly covered up by her hair.

The video, which has since racked up over 60,000 views on TikTok, received plenty of comments from viewers who applauded Sally’s efforts.

“Awesome! Good job with fixing it,” one person wrote, while another added, “Well done Sally”.

“Love the end where she says to the cameraman - you've got one job,” a third laughed.

Sunrise star Sally Bowrey on TV.
Thankfully, Sally made it back in time for the news with her stain all covered up. Photo: Channel Seven

X-rated moment during an ad break

The incident comes shortly after Natalie Barr shared a surprisingly X-rated moment with viewers about what happened when the show went to a commercial break.

The host said that the team had to explain to Mark what OnlyFans was, which lead to the sports reporter searching for other similar topics on the internet.

“He got onto Googling how you pee in space, female and male,” Nat said, to which Mark replied, “It’s been a busy break, a lot covered off”.

Edwina Bartholomew then chimed in and took a playful dig at her colleague, saying: “Probably don’t check the rest of his browsing history while we’re at it.”

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