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Sleep soundly on a Koala mattress for 120 nights or get your money back

If you've ever tried to buy a mattress after lying on it for five minutes in the shop, you'll know that pretending to sleep in front of shop assistants simply doesn't cut it.

To really get a feel for a mattress, you need to sleep on it properly over a decent period of time. Only then can you really know if it's comfortable and whether it lets you sleep even with your partner moving around.

That's why Koala is giving its customers a risk-free option - try any of their products for 120 nights and if you don't like it you can get a full refund.

A mum and daughter on a Koala mattress
Try any Koala mattress for 120 nights, and if you don't like it, you can send it back. Photo: Koala

Koala has always been innovative in the furniture space, known for its "mattresses in a box" which are easy to unroll and have won several awards.

Now, to celebrate their 120-night trial, they've also launched two new products.

First up is the Balmain Bed Base for $1049.

Made from Ash Veneer, it's a great compact design, ideal for smaller bedrooms.

You can buy attachable Balmain Bedside Tables separately for $109 each, which make the bed really functional, as well as saves space.

It's perfect with the Koala Mattress, which is just $959 instead of $1,099 when you buy it with the base.

The Balmain Bed Base, Koala Mattress and Bedside tables
The Balmain Bed Base, $1049, is a great compact option, particularly if you buy the attachable bedside tables, for $109 each. It's perfect with the Koala mattress on top too. Photo: Koala


The Stunner Sofabed, $2199, is the second new product in the range.

Unlike many sofa beds that look great but are clunky to pull out and awful to actually sleep on, this is designed to be easy to use and extra comfortable.

The Stunner Sofabed in a comfy modern lounge room
The Stunner Sofabed, $2199, is comfy and has extra storage. Photo: Koala

It converts from sofa to bed in three steps; just pull out the drawers, move the cushions, flip the bed and it's ready to sleep on.

When it's pulled out, it has an elevated sleep position with a pull-out platform to give extra sleeping space.

There's a steel frame construction so it's sturdy and the seat cushions are perfectly balanced for either sitting or sleeping on.

It's designed to be small so it fits easily in spare rooms or small spaces.

There's an extra bonus too - fully integrated storage underneath, with gas lift lids.

This makes it perfect for storing bedding, or other items you want to hide away.

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