Sunrise's Sam Mac takes swipe at Robert Irwin: 'Take that'

Sunrise star Sam Mac and Robert Irwin have had a friendly rivalry for a while, and the weatherman is after Robert’s job at Australia Zoo.

Sam was filming a segment at Taronga Zoo for Brekky Central when he made a rather pointed comment.

L: Sunrise star Sam Mac holding a baby echidna and smilling. R: Robert Irwin holding a camera and sunrise microphone
Sunrise star Sam Mac has hit out at Robert Irwin. Photo: Instagram/sammacinsta & robertirwinphotography

He shared a video on Instagram which showed him gently handling a baby echidna. The tiny creature fit neatly into Sam’s palm and enjoyed being touched.

“Smudge is a baby echidna, only 43 days old. You can actually see the spikes starting to form there as well,” he told fans.

“And apparently, he loves it if you give him a little belly rub.”


Sam used his index finger to gently rub Smudge’s belly who squirmed with happiness, and the weatherman was unable to hide his excitement.

“Take that Robert Irwin,” he quipped, leaving the other zoo staff stunned.

Two photos of Sam Mac from Sunrise holding a baby echidna
The baby echidna loved being handled by the weatherman. Photo: Instagram/sammacinsta

Robert’s stint on Sunrise

This comes after the 18-year-old filled in for Sam as a ‘guest weatherman’ in July.

When chatting to hosts David ‘Kochie’ Koch and Natalie Barr before he started, he warned Sam not to get too comfortable.

"You're going to fill in next week as a guest weatherman!" host Natalie Barr exclaimed to Robert. "Tell us about that!”

"I am," Robert replied with a laugh. "All I can say is: Sam Mac, I am coming for ya! I'm excited, it's gonna be good fun guys!”

Robert also told the hosts about his father's passion for photography, something that he also loves.

"A lot of people don't realise Dad was an incredibly passionate photographer," he told the hosts. "He was amazing behind the camera, just as much as he was in front of the camera, of course.

"And I think part of my love of photography is genetic."

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