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Wine on a keto diet? This range with over 500 five-star reviews is the answer

For those of us who enjoy a drop of vino, it would be hard to give it up for an allergy, constantly searching for something "as good" but not finding anything that hits the mark.

Melbourne woman Mariia went through that very same conundrum, through lockdown no less, suffering from a sulphur allergy while on a strict low-sugar, low-carb Keto diet.

First world problems, we know, but raise a hand if you enjoy a splash of red to get you through long days. We thought so.

From her experience, Mariia decided to create her own curated wine collection of low-sugar, low-sulphur wines: The Only Keto Wines Co.

I want to know more

Perfect for those on a low-sugar diet or any person who is prone to getting migraines, asthma or skin rashes from the high sugar quantity in your standard drop, The Only Keto Wines Co. includes only organic/organic practice wines that are all independently lab tested for extremely low sugar and low sulphur.

Each bottle contains under 1.7g per litre of sugar, which is equal to under 0.25g per glass (150ml), with the sulphur count measuring under 95ppm (on average 40-60ppm).

A flat lay view of a peach coloured bottle lying on a pale pink table with pink roses and flowers around it, with a glass of sparkling wine
The Only Keto Wines Co. offers 15 varieties of red and white wine, including French champagne and Italian sparkling. Source: The Only Keto Wines Co.

But if you're thinking that these "healthy" wines must lack the flavours you're used to, you'd be wrong. The selection is just the same as at your local bottle-o, from silky grenache to a light tempranillo, to a sweet riesling or a crisp pinot gris.

They have 15 red and white varieties to choose from, including special release labels, as well as limited edition Italian sparkling and French Champagne.

The best bit? They deliver straight to your door all around Australia.


How does it work?

Head to their website and choose how many bottles you'd like. Maybe you want to try a mix of three, or six or 12?

You can order just one box to see if it's right for you or choose a subscription suited to your liking.

The beauty of The Only Keto Wines Co. is that everything is tailored to you.

A flat lay of two bottles of red wine against a painted blue table, with yellow and orange flowers
Each wine is lab tested before being added to the selection. Source: The Only Keto Wine Co.

I want to try, but do the wines really taste that good?

With over 550 5-star reviews, The Only Keto Wines Co. brings the possibility to enjoy wine again to people with diabetes, people on low sugar, low carb diets, as well as people with skin allergies, sulphur allergies and migraines.

You only have to look at their happy customers to see just how much people are enjoying their selection.

"Loving each and every wine from this bunch that I ordered... I have recommended these wines to three people I know already just this week," wrote one satisfied customer.

A close up of the end of a pink wine bottle with beige label on the front
Each bottle is stamped with the Keto Wines label confirming its low-sugar, low-sulphur count. Source: The Only Keto Wines Co.

"Such a lovely surprise opening our box from Keto Wines and almost too beautiful to unwrap!" a second happy customer wrote. "But better still, the sparkling was great and hit the spot and caused no side effects or sensitivities for me (which I get from mainstream wines)."

I'm sold. How do I get started?

Head straight to The Only Keto Wines Co. website and choose your box of delicious, keto-friendly wine.

Buy a pack now and use the code MUM20 for a $20 discount on your first purchase of any standalone six or 12 wine pack.

They'll also include free delivery on six and 12 packs Australia-wide, except the NT.

Cheers to that!


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