Sunrise's Sam Mac shocks fans with 'death-defying' stunt live on-air

Sunrise weatherman Sam Mac has wowed viewers after he participated in a ‘death-defying’ stunt at Movie World on the Gold Coast on Thursday morning.

The TV star, who welcomed his daughter Margot in September, sat alongside a driver in a black buggy as they recreated a stunt from the theme park’s car show ‘Hollywood Stunt Driver 2’.

Sunrise’s Sam Mac in a buggy at Movie World.
Sunrise’s Sam Mac participated in a wild car stunt at Movie World. Photos: Channel Seven

“Alright, let’s get moving. Something about being a TV weatherman involves wearing a stack hat,” he joked about his headgear.

The duo began driving quickly around the set as Sam's colleagues Natalie Barr, David ‘Kochie’ Koch and Mark Beretta laughed from Brekky Central.


“Oh goodness, woah, this is a lot faster,” Sam remarked as they turned a corner. “So, I’ve done the classic thing where I haven’t actually looked at what I’m going to do until I do it on the air, but that’s alright!”

The vehicle then sped onto a ramp and did a large jump as he yelled: “Good morning Australia!”

Sunrise’s Nat Barr and David 'Kochie' Koch laughing at Sam Mac in a buggy.
Hosts Natalie Barr and David ‘Kochie’ Koch couldn’t stop laughing at Sam. Photos: Channel Seven


Chatting with Nat and Kochie after the stunt, Sam said that he and the driver “really bonded” mid-air.

“You guys can’t see that, but I literally grabbed his arm, which I don’t think is part of the protocol,” he laughed. “I’m so sorry about that… Thank goodness it was his arm!”

“Thought it was the gearstick!” Kochie joked while Nat added, “Whoops! That almost could’ve been a disaster!”

After the clip was shared on Instagram, the comments section was quickly flooded with laughing emojis and people commending Sam on his efforts.

“This was hilarious,” one person wrote, followed by another who added, “Loved it, you’re the best Sam”.

“Could tell by your voice Sam you were scared,” a third said, while someone else shared, “How could you dad, think of Margot before you do these stunts”.

Sunrise's Sam Mac with action sports star Ryan Williams riding a bike over him.
Sam previously participated in a dangerous stunt where a rider jumped over him with his bike. Photos: Channel Seven

Sam’s ‘crazy’ bike stunt

Since becoming a father, Sam definitely hasn’t slowed down with his dangerous TV stunts.

Just last month he shocked viewers when he sat behind a small wooden ramp and let a stunt rider jump over him with his bike.

The action sports star encouraged him not to lean his head forward or he “might take it off”, however, Sam ended up flinching as the bike rode onto the ramp.

“He moved his head!” Ryan said in shock, while Kochie yelled from the studio, “You moved your head!”

“Oh yeah, it’s really easy to say ‘stay still’ while a tyre is coming like this, but I trusted Ryan because he’s a legend,” Sam laughed as Ryan quickly disagreed.

“You did not trust me!” he replied. “Play the replay, there was no trust in that at all!”

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