Royal fans slam tabloid for 'disgusting' Kate Middleton act: 'Cruel'

Royal fans are furious after a British newspaper heavily edited a Kate Middleton photograph, leaving her almost unrecognisable.

The ‘disgusting’ act was committed by The Mirror, who ran a story about the royals leading the salute at a Remembrance Day service in London.

Kate Middleton wearing a large black hat and pearl earrings
This is the original photo of Kate Middleton before it was altered by the tabloid. Photo: Getty

The Princess of Wales, 40, attended the event held at the Cenotaph alongside King Charles III, Queen Consort Camilla and Prince William.

In the original photo, Kate looks sombre as she stands on a balcony. Her eyes are downcast and she proudly displays poppies pinned to her lapel.


However, the photo used to sell the tabloid shows the royal with enhanced shadows on her face, making her look much older than she actually is.

Kate Middleton on the front page of The Mirror
The Princess of Wales looked completely different on the publication. Photo: The Mirror

Fans quickly slammed the publication for their huge mistake, with some calling the publication ‘cruel’ and ‘pathetic’.

“Daily Mirror should issue an apology to the Princess of Wales,” one user wrote.

“They’ve totally changed her cheekbones, her mouth, the shadows — they’ve made her look about 70 — it’s a disgrace. But it’s not a surprise from that rag,” added another.


“You have to give it to them, it takes some considerable effort to make Kate look bad. A lot of hard work must have gone into it,” a third quipped.

“Someone at The Mirror has clearly decided they hate the Princess of Wales. Publishing a clearly photoshopped picture of her on Remembrance Sunday, on the front page. Tell me again how the press have never had it in for Kate? Pathetic,” another remarked.

Controversy over royal photo

This comes after Twitter erupted over a snap of Meghan Markle, 41, Prince Harry, 38, with Kate and William who are both 40 years old.

Users pointed out that although Meghan is the oldest of the four, she was the royal who looked the youngest.

“I did not realise [Meghan] was 41. I legitimately thought she was 30,” one user tweeted.

“She looks very youthful, amazing and younger than all of them,” another pointed out.

“Meghan has great genes. The royal family should be happy as hell to have her contributing to their bloodline,” added a third.

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