Prince Harry's secret plan to raise his family in Africa

Before they relocated to the US, Prince Harry initially had a very different plan for his family.

According to his friend Dame Jane Goodall, Harry wanted to move to Africa with his wife Meghan Markle and son Archie, after he was born in 2019, as it is where the Duke of Sussex spent some of the happiest moments of his life.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Prince Harry reportedly wanted to move his family to Africa soon after Archie was born, his friend Dame Jane Goodall has revealed. Photo: Getty

"He wanted to bring Archie up in Africa, running barefoot with African children," she told The Mail.

It wasn't just a dream either, with The Sunday Times reporting in 2019 that courtiers had plans for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who are now also parents to one-year-old daughter Lilibet, to move abroad after welcoming Archie.


Harry's advisors were reportedly working on a 'bespoke' role for the couple, likely to be in Africa, that would involve charity work, along with work on behalf of the Commonwealth and a role promoting Britain.

The plan was never put into action, however, with the couple stepping down as senior members of the royal family and moving to the US.

Dame Jane Goodall and Prince Harry
Dame Jane Goodall said Harry 'wanted to bring Archie up in Africa, running barefoot with African children'. Photo: Getty

Of course, if they had moved to Africa, it would have been difficult to sign deals with companies such as Netflix and Spotify.

Jane also added of the couple, "I don’t talk about them now. Of course, I have my views, and I think Harry cares, I really think he does. My times that I talked with him I just felt that he was a really nice, good person."

Harry and Meghan snub Charles' offer

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and King Charles
Harry and Meghan have snubbed King Charles' offer to spend Christmas with the royal family after news of the Duke's memoir. Photo: Getty

It comes after reports Harry and Meghan have "no plans" to take up King Charles' offer for the Sussexes to spend Christmas with the royal family after more details about the Duke's memoir have surfaced.

The Mirror reports that an insider has claimed the father and son's relationship is "near rock bottom" and Harry will decline Charles' invitation ahead of the release of his memoir on January 10.


Harry's bombshell memoir, which is titled Spare, references Prince William and the Duke's role as 'the heir and the spare', where the Prince of Wales is the heir to the throne and his brother is his spare.

A source told the publication that the royals were "completely caught by surprise" when the title was announced.

"This book could spell the end for any relationship Harry wants to have with his family, it’s desperately sad," another insider shared.

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