Kate Middleton breaks 'unwritten rule' with royal fan

Kate Middelton broke an 'unwritten rule' while posing with a royal fan for a photo in Scarborough this week. The fan approached Kate and put his arm around the Princess of Wales, which she returned by putting her arm around him, breaking the unwritten rule of not going beyond a handshake.

Kate spoke with the man before she put her arm around him and smiled for the camera.

Kate Middleton poses with royal fan
Kate Middleton has broken and 'unwritten rule' while posing with a royal fan in Scarborough. Photo: Getty

There aren't any official codes of behaviour for royal family members, however, a handshake is usually as far as they take things. Having said this, younger royals have become a bit more relaxed with this when greeting well-wishers in public.


Earlier this year, during a trip to Scotland, a man became emotional when Prince William hugged him. The Prince of Wales also hugged the Lionesses after their historic Euros win.

Meghan Markle has also been hugged and kissed by royal fans while on a walkabout after the Queen's death in September. Sophie, Countess of Wessex, has also been photographed hugging a young boy during a vigil.

Meghan Markle hugged by royal fan
Meghan Markle has also been hugged and kissed by royal fans while on a walkabout recently after the Queen's death in September. Photo: Getty

Kate heckled by woman during royal visit to Northern Ireland

It comes after Kate was praised last month for her 'graceful' response to being heckled by a woman at a meet and greet in Northern Ireland.

The Prince and Princess of Wales were welcomed by hundreds of people in Belfast when a crowd member shook Ms Middleton's hand while saying, "nice to meet you, but it would be better if it was when you were in your own country".

While surprised, she appeared to quickly laugh the comment off and move on to eager royal fans to the left of the woman, who then shouted 'Ireland belongs to the Irish' while still recording on her phone.

The incident, footage of which has gone viral, occurred in an area of Belfast that is considered predominantly nationalist, according to the Irish Mirror.

While most of Ireland became independent from Great Britain in 1949 after years of conflicts, Northern Ireland remains part of the UK, which is still a sore spot for many people.

Most of the reactions online were of shock and confusion, much like the blonde influencer, Laura-Ann, holding her baby, who had a momentarily look of puzzlement before smiling again in anticipation as the Princess of Wales approached her after the heckler.


"How very rude," one person said on Twitter.

"If you don't like the Royals, don't turn up to an event with Royals present," said another.

"Have a referendum then instead of throwing snide comments at a woman," a third person said.

Many also praised Kate's response to the woman's comments.

"The Princess of Wales handled the situation with grace," said one person. "She kept calm and carried on."

"Princess of Wales pretty much outshin(ed) that moment," another one said.

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