Robert and Bindi Irwin have hilarious argument over Logies nomination

"Bindi ate and left no crumbs."

Robert and Bindi had a hilarious spat on Instagram about the Logies. Photo:
Robert and Bindi had a hilarious spat on Instagram about the Logies. Photo:

Australia's most famous sibling duo Robert and Bindi Irwin have had a war of words on Instagram, amusing fans with their jabs at each other.

Following Robert's nomination for the Gold Logie award on Sunday night, making him the youngest male to ever be nominated, Bindi took to Instagram to congratulate him and encourage fans to vote - but couldn't resist leaving a cheeky comment.

"Hey Australia, vote for my awesome brother so he can catch up to me 16 years later…" Bindi captioned the post, with a photo of herself holding a Logie she won in 2008 for Bindi the Jungle Girl.

Bindi Irwin with her silver Logie in 2008
Bindi Irwin with her silver Logie that she won for Bindi the Jungle Girl in 2008. Photo:

The sibling rivalry spilled over in the comments, with Robert quick to point out, "At least mine's Gold", to which Bindi quickly retaliated, "You haven't won it yet...".


Robert then replied, "Well actually, I did get nominated for two Logies hahaha, sooooo," with Bindi coming back with the final clanger and ultimately winning the argument. "Sorry, I can't hear you over my Emmy Award..." she wrote, with Robert replying, "Dang it."

Bindi became the youngest ever performer to win a Daytime Emmy Award at the age of nine, after winning 'Outstanding Performer in a Children's Series' once again for Bindi the Jungle Girl.

Robert posted the hilarious exchange with his sister to his Instagram account with the caption, "Ok uh… really gonna need that Logies vote now guys 😂😂😅 it just got real."

Robert and Bindi Irwin
Robert and Bindi made some good jabs at each other. Photo:

Fans loved the interaction, leaving their own comments of support.


"Bindi’s Emmy award mysteriously appears, polished and shined on the mantle after a decade," one person joked. "Bindi ate and left no crumbs, she’s got you there Rob," another said.

"Bindi the Jungle Girl was simply peak television," someone else commented, and even the Irwins' mum Terri got in on the action writing, "This is hilarious!".

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