Robert Irwin's fans left stunned over detail in video: 'Think I fainted'

Fans loved one detail in particular from this Robert Irwin interview.

Robert Irwin's fans have been left in stitches after the I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! Australia host shared a video from an interview with Access Hollywood about how he prepares for red-carpet events.

Robert Irwin
Robert Irwin's fans have been left in stitches over a small detail in a new 'get ready with me' video he shared. Photo: Instagram/accesshollywood

The Wildlife Warrior was getting ready for the Steve Irwin Gala in Las Vegas and showing off his routine to get ready, which involved... very little.


"Alright now, before I get dressed, I'm going to show you guys the all-important skincare routine," he began the video. "My skincare routine is extensive. Very extensive."

"Here's the first step, you turn the water on, right, once the water – or the water [in an American accent] as you Americans call it, is on, you then do this with your hands [cups hands] and then, here's the most important step, you do that [puts water on his face], then you get a towel and then you wipe it off.

"That's my skincare routine," he said with a giggle.

Fans were left surprised to hear Robert speak with an American accent, even just for a moment, with one fan writing, "When he says 'water' with an American accent I think I fainted for a second."

"Nothing prepared me for him saying water properly 😅," another said.

"Oh my gosh lol. Please do a series of videos saying things in an American accent 😂," a third added.

"I rewatched the 'water' probably 15 times. No joke," someone else quipped.


"Stunning! I’m gonna put this in my skincare routine!" another joked.

"And here I am cleansing, exfoliating, face masks, pore strips, serums like a muppet!" one user said.

"Don’t forget sunscreen though!" another pointed out.

Elsewhere in the video, Robert joked that to get into shape, all he does is "catch crocodiles" and his physique is one of a "Wildlife Warrior", adding that a "death-rolling" crocodile attached to a rope will "work the upper body really well".

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