New Prince William photo exposes 'cruel' Prince Harry move

"You are so hateful and unforgiving."

Prince William and Prince Harry
Royal fans have slammed Prince William over a 'cruel' move against Prince Harry in a new photo. Photo: Getty

Royal fans have slammed Prince William after he shared a photo of himself and King Charles for Father's Day. Fans believed the photo was "cruel" and "disrespectful" due to one detail.

The photo shows a young Prince William and the then-Prince Charles playing in the garden at Kensington Palace in 1984. William captioned the post simply, writing, "Happy Father’s Day, Pa. W."

While many fans loved the snap, many were quick to question why William had chosen to share a photo without his brother, Prince Harry, in it.

"I am absolutely floored by the sheer pettiness displayed in this picture and by this monarchy - seriously, just William?" one user wrote.

"Where is Harry?" another asked, while a third wrote, "This is disrespectful AF."

"Like Harry does not exist. A level of hypocrisy," someone else said.

"He has two children... cruel to leave one out..." yet another wrote.


"How can you do that? Harry is your brother. You are so hateful and unforgiving," one user said, blaming William for his fractured relationship with Harry. "All Harry wanted was love and understanding. He wrote the book for you and his father. So that you listen to him. Open your heart. Otherwise it will destroy you. Forgive and love."

"I see why Harry left," another said. "Poor Diana turning over in her grave watching how he is treating his brother like he doesn’t exist. Harry will ALWAYS be my FAVOURITE!!"

Charles, Diana, William and Harry
Some also questioned why William hadn't shared a photo of Princess Diana for Mother's Day. Photo: Getty

Some people defended William, however, with one user writing, "For those saying 'he has two sons' are y'all okay? This is WILLIAM’S page. If Harry wanted to he could post his own. I don’t expect my siblings to post pictures of me to celebrate our parents."

"Nice recognition from a good son. Happy Father's Day to you both," another said.

"Such a sweet portrait. Happy Father's Day to you both," a third wrote.

Others poked fun at the fact Charles was seen in a three-piece suit playing with William in the photo.

"Nothing says I’m ready to play with my kid like a double breasted suit," one user said.

"Nothing like playing soccer in a three piece suit!" another agreed.

Some also questioned why William hadn't shared a photo of Princess Diana for Mother's Day.

"Why not a picture of your mother on Mother’s Day? Not this year nor last year," one person questioned. "Are you afraid of angering Camilla?"


"Didn’t see a photo when it was the Mother’s Day," another pointed out.

William's wife, Kate Middleton, also shared a photo of William with Prince George, Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte, which fans loved.

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