King Charles acutely 'aware time is ticking' amid cancer battle: 'Anxious and agitated'

"Given he had the longest wait in history as heir to the throne... as well as his current health crisis, he is poignantly aware that time is ticking."

King Charles
King Charles is reportedly very 'aware that time is ticking' as he battles cancer and refuses to slow down. Photo: Getty

King Charles is refusing to slow down in the wake of his cancer diagnosis earlier this year, with royal experts revealing His Majesty is very much "aware that time is ticking" and wants to continue to "make his mark". Queen Camilla told Sky News recently that Charles is "doing fine, except he won’t slow down and won’t do what he’s told."

Charles has been undergoing cancer treatment since being diagnosed in February, with some royal experts revealing they weren't surprised to hear that Charles isn't keen to slow down.

"Given he had the longest wait in history as heir to the throne, given his age, as well as his current health crisis, he is poignantly aware that time is ticking," royal expert Hilary Fordwich told Fox News Digital.


"He has been preparing for this role his entire life, being in line for the throne for 70 years," she added. "After waiting for so long, he has thrown himself into the job. He wants to make his mark. So all that downtime away from his people makes him anxious and agitated."

Fordwich explains that every one of Charles' projects has been chosen in order to "make a real mark".

"They are not just honorary where he shows up once in a while," she says. "He has devoted his life to having an impact. Hence, the downtime required by his doctors is not in the slightest welcome. His reaction is admirable."

The expert adds, "The last thing the nation wants is a lazy monarch."

Queen Camilla and King Charles
Camilla has reportedly asked Charles to slow down since his cancer diagnosis. Photo: Getty

Charles has previously been described as a "workaholic" and is reportedly known to wake very early to start work and finish the day after midnight. Despite this, Camilla hoped her husband would slow down after his diagnosis.

A royal insider told The Telegraph last month that Camilla "knows [his work] gives him an enormous sense of fulfilment and that she's never going to change the habits of a lifetime".

Another source claims, "The people who work for him are worried he is doing too much for a man of 75. It's sometimes a struggle to keep up with him."


Last year, Charles is believed to have undertaken more than 500 engagements, almost 100 of those being overseas.

It's believed Camilla has told Charles to take a new approach to work, with a royal insider telling The Sun, "The Queen has told him he needs to slow down a bit."

Prince William previously revealed in the 2018 BBC documentary Prince, Son and Heir, Prince William: "The man never stops. When we were kids there were bags and bags and bags of work that the office just sent to him."

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