Neighbours slammed by fans over 'worst storyline ever': 'A new low'

While some Neighbours fans were disgusted, others thought it was hilarious.

Neighbours fans have been left divided after the show shared a promo for an upcoming episode that appears to show Dr Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher) becoming a serial public... pooper. Yes, you read that correctly.

For those of us who haven't been watching the show lately, it appears Neighbours has taken quite the turn, with some viewers describing this particular storyline as the "worst storyline ever", while others think it's "so silly", but they "absolutely love it".

In an episode of the long-running soap, Dr. Karl is seen riding his bike when he suddenly feels the need to go. With no public toilets nearby, he's forced to go in the bushes.

Neighbours stars
Neighbours fans have been left divided after sharing a promo for an upcoming episode that some have dubbed the 'worst storyline ever'. Photo: Instagram/neighbours

This seems to become something of a regular occurrence with other characters trying to track down the serial pooper, never suspecting it could be Dr Karl.

In a teaser shared the Instagram, the show wrote, "Could Karl really be the serial pooper? 💩," with fans taking to the comment section to share their thoughts.


"What even is this storyline? LOL. Why?" one fan wrote, while another added, "Agreed, just nasty."

"And the Logie for best screenwriting goes to … KARL S**S IN THE BUSH," a third joked.

"This storyline stinks!! 🤣," someone else wrote.

"This story is so silly I absolutely love it," another said.

"This is a bizarre storyline, but I like that they're introducing humour back in, as classic Neighbours was always a mix of serious storylines and silly ones (maybe more silly ones in the 80s!)," one fan wrote. "The show has a better balance to it at the moment!"

"Gross. Worst storyline ever," another wrote, while one person added, "Karl has just become a caricature lately. This is a new low for the writers."


"Move on from this story please," someone else begged.

It comes as the show was nominated for its first Daytime Emmy award for Outstanding Daytime Drama Series, an award it's now eligible for thanks to being aired on Prime Video, which reaches international audiences.

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